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Exhibitor Service

Exhibitor Service:


We can provide you with the services you need in order to get the most out of your MPT-EXPO showcase. Whether it’s stand construction, marketing, catering or support services for lectures and presentations – we’re the people to talk to and can give you the qualified help you need.


Stand Construction


Build-Up Period:


Sep. 14-15, 2016


Exhibition Period:


09:00-17:00, September 16, 2016

09:00-17:00, September 17 -182016

09:00-15:00, September 19, 2016


Exhibitors will be permitted to enter into the exhibition halls at 08:30 daily.


Tear-Down Period:


15:30-21:00, September 19, 2016


Exhibitor Service:

 The 2016 MPT-EXPO will be held in Chengdu in September 2016. The theme of the 2016 MPT-EXPO is to "Museum new era· creative development· science and technology in the future", through exhibitions, 

theatrical performances, creative activities, trade promotions, forum and other activities, attract domestic 

and foreign cultural & creative high-end technology and products, build an important platform for the 

creative industries information exchange, products trade and project cooperation, and provide a broad 

development space for the cultural and creative products market, industrialization and internationalization; 

To be a global creative exhibition which integrates creative thinking, scientific & technological content, and 

cultural heritage.



Exhibitor Service

Interested 2016 MPT-EXPO Exhibitors can download the following documents for your information and as needed:

MPT-EXPO Exhibitions - Exhibitor Manual (word and pdf versions).



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