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Dear Museum Professional:


The Expo provides a platform for national and international museums to understand the state of the museum industry, nationally and globally and to engage with hundreds of national museums as well as buyers and suppliers of museum industry-related products and technologies. The Expo also provides a platform to boost and encourage academic, educational and exhibition exchanges between national and international museums and the museum industry.


If you are looking to raise awareness of your museum in China, provide consultancy services to Chinese museums and cultural industries or organize exhibitions from China or exhibit your institutions collections in China, this is the key fair. No other fair can compare in scale or breadth of experience.
training programs, etc.)
(museum architecture and design, display and design, exhibition display and outfit, lighting, museum merchandise design, etc.)
(museum gift shop product, including design and production, reproductions, copyright protection, licensing, etc.)
(relevant technologies and equipment for the preservation and restoration of cultural objects, relics, architecture, climate control,

or by email to: info@chinampr.org .<span style="font-size:11.5pt;font-family:" color:#333333;"="">

For further inquiries or additional information please contact: Ms. Luo Yilong at telephone: 86-10-6525 8628<span style="font-size:11.5pt;font-family:" color:#333333;"="">


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