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Prince Kung’s Palace is the only well-preserved princely mansion of Qing dynasty in China open to the public. The palace used to be the residence of Minister Heshen from 1780 to1799 in the reign of Emperor Qianlong. Emperor Jiaqing granted the mansion to Prince Qing Yonglin in 1799. In 1850, it was granted by Emperor Xianfeng to Prince Kung Yixin. The mansion has been called Prince Kung’s Palace since then.

The palace consists of two parts: the residence and the garden. The complete palace covers an area of approximately 62,000 square meters, of which the residence occupies 33,000 square meters and the garden occupies 29,000 square meters.

The residence is a large Siheyuan with three roads and five entries. The garden with 44 scenic spots was called “Langrun Garden” and was later renamed “Cuijin Garden”.Back Rear Building, Western-style Gate, Grand Theater, and the Stele of Fu are known as the “Three Masterpieces and One Treasure” of Prince Kung's Palace.

Prince Kung’s Palace Museum is one of the major historical and cultural sites protected at the national level. It is a 5A National Tourist Attraction and a National First-class Museum.