Children's Art Exhibition -- Harvard Museum of art 2020, Prince Gong Mansion

      On December 19,2020, an exhibition entitled "Children's Aesthetic Education achievements in the Prince Gong Mansion Museum" was held at Le Dao Tang, Prince Gong Mansion. The event, organised by the Prince Gong Mansion Museum, focused on the architectural landscape of Prince Gong Mansion, with three themes: "experience and discover the tradition" , "ink-brush and ink-paper represent the tradition" , and "art practice and integration into the tradition" , there are 8 topics and 16 courses. More than 600 people from 25 associations from 20 schools including historian Hutong Primary School and Ganluyuan branch of Beijing Fangcaodi International School attended the event. Using calligraphy, Chinese painting, photography, printmaking, comprehensive materials and other forms of expression, created nearly 600 works, enriched the primary and secondary school students art practice. The exhibition selected more than 300 works for display. The exhibition will close on 2021.


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