The founding conference of the solar term was held in a grand ceremony at the China Agricultural Museum

      On December 19, the inaugural meeting of the solar term was held at the China Agricultural Museum. This is to implement the relevant spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee on the protection of outstanding traditional culture and the promotion of the revitalization of rural culture, build a platform, integrate forces, and promote better protection and inheritance of the solar term, we will promote creative transformation and development. More than 100 representatives from institutions and representative communities such as Tsinghua University, the Chinese folklore society, the intangible cultural heritage, the Prince Gong Mansion Museum, the China Tea Museum, the farmers'daily, etc. , we will have in-depth exchanges and discussions from different perspectives on "solar term protection and inheritance" , and witness the establishment of the solar term. Comrade Sun Dongning, director of the comprehensive business department, attended the founding meeting of the solar term on behalf of our museum.


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