Tian yu culture group carries on the imperial palace Shi Qu bao shu show

        Cache - the Shi Qu Po shu qing painting and calligraphy exhibition of cataloguing is the national Palace Museum to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the building courtyard, one of the important exhibitions, the exhibition in September 2015 on November 18, eight solstice jubilee temple in the palace hall of martial valor and meet with the audience. Day yu culture group is responsible for internal ZhanChen the exhibition, including exhibition exhibition planning and design, etc.

       "Shi Qu Po shu" description of the qing dynasty palace painting and calligraphy, are important works in the history of Chinese art history, covers of the kingdom of heavy treasure jin tang song yuan Ming period. Compared with the imperial painting and calligraphy description, "Shi Qu Po shu" both richness, diversity and orphan category number multiple advantages such as the belly of the classic, reflected the crest of the former palace painting and calligraphy in the qing dynasty.

        Description of masterpieces assemble Shi Qu Po shu, illuminating as heavenly galaxy. Eastern jin gu kaizhi "goddess" (song copy), the column female figure "(song facsimile) and pass as the sui dynasty of ZhanZiQian" YouChun figure reflects the our country the earliest famous figure painting and landscape painting style. Eastern jin Wang Xun "" far post" only handed down from ancient times to the wang family original. Tang dynasty han Huang "five NiuTu" is only the first scroll painting. Other such as the northern song dynasty later qingming scroll, Wang Ximeng Trinidad Jiang Shantu etc are the classical classic painting handed down from ancient times.

The far post by local

The qingming festival on the painting "locally

        The exhibition is about "Shi Qu Po shu" description of painting and calligraphy exhibition for the first time, are the national painting and calligraphy exhibition. Hall of martial valor will display on the qingming festival ", "" far post", "YouChun figure" countries such as the heavy treasure, for the first time and display the shunzhi, kangxi, yongzheng and qianlong, jiaqing emperor wuwei of calligraphy and painting works. Delay the jubilee palace "Shi Qu Po shu" exhibition is on display performance editor, version, QianYin and collection sites related to cultural relics, has high academic value.


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