Tian yu culture group pride to the Palace Museum

       In October 2015, celebrating the ninetieth anniversary of the national Palace Museum, the palace will be open within this year five new tour area, 18 exhibitions, taking a series of cultural and academic research dedicated to the public. When CiNing palace sculpture gallery, DongHuaMen ancient pavilion, end door digital museum will meet with the audience. At the same time, the original permanent exhibition hall will be overall renovation, increase the heavyweight cultural relics exhibition, enriching the content of the Palace Museum exhibition and cultural experience. Pride as the national Palace Museum display system the important standing of the pavilion will also be the overall renovation and ascend.
       The Palace Museum pride since July 1, 1958 officially opened, since half a century so far. A big change after five times during Chen, and several small adjustments. A recent change in 2004, Chen has already 10 years ago. Day yu culture group will be responsible for the pride of the imperial palace of heavy rectification work, Chen and security including rooms hexiang & renovation, interior construction, upgrading old equipment installation, and the renovation of the various rooms BuChen, etc.
       Pride to work concrete implementation, Chen will be open in does not affect the normal cases, divided into rooms one by one in order to keep the bridge open, let the audience to visit the whole atmosphere is not affected by large. On the design and construction, the day yu tries to apply new material, new craft, new concept in the design and construction engineering, USES the international newest ZhanChen equipment and display technology, through the exhibition, the museum exhibiting ark professional lighting system, professional and cultural relics protection system in the field of elaborate design, to environmental protection, safety and the pride of the exhibition hall.

       Exhibits the change of Chen will divide the units of the standard from function to material, highlight the scarcity of palace treasures on the material and the beautiful sex, selected hospital hidden treasure class cultural relics Ming and qing period of nearly 400 pieces (sets), to show the Ming and qing dynasties, especially in the qing dynasty, the traditional process of a new level, the introduction of new technology and new achievements, and highlights the Ming and qing dynasties royal all aspects of the spiritual and material life. H and porch, longevity, raises the temple building itself and within the internal inherent exquisite eaves decorate, also will be highlighted as the focus of the show. And cases to upgrade, exhibition, lighting, etc, form unified in terms of visual communication design, makes every effort to make the display environment, content, organic combination, precise performance at that time the royal artificial aesthetic pursuit and artistic achievement.


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