The 7th China Museum and Related Products and Technology Expo has opened in Chengdu

                  The 7th China Museum and Related Products and Technology Expo has opened in Chengdu

Guided by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and the People's Government of Chengdu, and co-sponsored by China Association of Museums and China Association of Natural Science Museums, the Seventh China Museums and Related Products and Technology Expo was launched in Chengdu on September 16, 2016. Director of state administration of cultural heritage of the party group secretary, Liu Yuzhu, Charles Yang, vice governor of sichuan province people's government, members of the culture, the national Palace Museum director ChanJi cheung, deputy secretary of municipal party committee of the communist party of China (chengdu municipal people's government, acting mayor of keung law, the 7th "expo" organizing committee chairman, vice director of state administration of cultural heritage Song Xinchao, the organizing committee of the 7th "expo", director of Chinese museum of natural science association, chairman of the long-range east red, President of the association of international museum su, gram guy, museum of the American league, Robert stein, vice President of the national committee of the Chinese society and the rule of law committee, deputy director of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions vice chairman, the secretariat of Zhang Shiping, Mr. Sun Feng, Deputy Director-General of the Equipment Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Mr. Zheng Xiaoxing, Director of the Cultural Department of Sichuan Province and Director of the Provincial Bureau of Cultural Heritage, and Mr. Alberto Grandini, Vice President of ICOMO attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Guan Qiang, chairman of the organizing committee of the 7th Expo and deputy director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.

Acting Mayor of Chengdu, Mr. Dai Luoqiang, and Vice Governor of Sichuan Province, Mr. Yang Xingping, on behalf of Chengdu City and Sichuan Province, extended sincere welcome to the guests and congratulated on the grand opening of the 7th Expo.
Luo Qiang pointed out that the 7th "Expo" in Chengdu, is not only the full recognition of Chengdu's achievements in cultural and cultural development, but also a great encouragement to Chengdu's future cultural and cultural development. He said that Chengdu will take this expo as an opportunity to learn from new experiences, learn new technologies and grasp new trends, strive to explore and interpret the city's historical context, prosper the cultural industry, enhance cultural confidence, and strive to build Chengdu into a true "museum capital" and "national cultural and creative center city."
Yang Xingping introduced the key units of cultural and museum tourism in Sichuan and the big data analysis of cultural relics institutions and museums in Sichuan in 2015. He pointed out that sichuan has always attached great importance to cultural transmission and display utilization of resources of cultural relics protection, especially in recent years, under the strong concern and support of state administration of cultural heritage and other departments, sichuan museum, a large number of chengdu museum, the museum, on display, education teaching, and industry have made great achievements, recognized by the industry and society, vigorously promoted the vigorous development of sichuan wenbo career. He believed that the successful convening of the 7th "Expo" will play a positive role in promoting the development of China's cultural and creative industries, and promoting the promotion of Sichuan's cultural industry, leading Sichuan's cultural consumption, and displaying the charm of Sichuan culture.

On behalf of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Liu Yuzhu extended a warm welcome to all the distinguished guests and announced the opening of the 7th Expo. He pointed out that in today's era, traditional culture and modern civilization, culture, art and science and technology integration and symbiosis is more and more frequent, new products, new materials has been widely applied to the museum's collection protection, academic research, display exhibition, in the operation of social services and management, promote the reform and improvement of the museum, made important contribution to the sustainable development of the museum. Since 2004, the successful holding of six "World Expo" has played a very important role in promoting the innovative development of museums. The 7th "Expo" on the basis of the previous six, more rich content, more diverse forms, internationalization and public participation are higher, to promote the cultural and museum related fields to build a good platform for communication.

After the opening ceremony, the leaders visited the exhibition area of the Expo and had a pleasant exchange with the participating museums and enterprises.

The expo will end on September 19 (the exhibition part will end on the afternoon of September 18).


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