The 7th "Expo" successfully concluded a number of indicators to refresh the historical record

Under the guidance of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and the People's Government of Chengdu, the 7th Expo, jointly hosted by China Association of Museums and China Association of Natural Science Museums, successfully completed its four-day schedule and ended in Chengdu on September 19 with joint efforts of various parties.With the theme of "The New Drive of Museums: Technology Leading, Creative Future", the Expo has achieved new breakthroughs in terms of scale, size and influence, and has set new records in various indicators since the launch of the Expo in 2004.The following statistics will tell you the eight "most" of the 7th Expo.

Opening ceremony of the 7th China Museum and Related Products and Technology Expo

First, the exhibition is the largest

This year's expo is the largest one since its inception in 2004.The exhibition area covers a total area of 40,000 square meters, a fifth more than the last exhibition area (32,000 square meters).

The 16 sections cover many fields of cultural relics protection and utilization, and a number of thematic exhibition areas highlight the characteristics of the cultural and exhibition industry in serving the major national strategies and hosting sites.In the exhibition area of "Internet + Chinese Civilization", more than 20 exhibitors showed their latest achievements in the deep integration of Internet innovation and cultural heritage.In the exhibition area of "One Belt And One Road Countries along the Belt and Road", nearly 63 projects were presented One Belt And One Road4 museums of BBB1 countries along the Road.In the "National Cultural Relics Protection Equipment Industrialization and Application Demonstration" exhibition area, 27 exhibitors appeared collectively, focusing on the outstanding achievements in more than 10 directions in the field of cultural relics protection equipment in China, and promoting the cross-border integration of high-end manufacturing industry with cultural relics and museum industry.These centralized exhibition areas directly reflect the latest achievements of China's cultural and exhibition industry in serving the "One Belt And One Road", "Internet Plus" and "Made in China 2025" major national development strategies.The "Sichuan Province and Chengdu Cultural and Musical Achievements Exhibition Area" focuses on the main work of the venues in the field of cultural heritage.


"Internet + Chinese Civilization" exhibition area

One Belt And One Road National Museum "exhibition area


"National Cultural Relics Protection Equipment Industrialization and Application Demonstration" Exhibition Area

"Cultural and Musical Achievements of Sichuan Province and Chengdu City" Exhibition Area

Second, the largest number of exhibitors

A total of 491 institutions participated in the Expo this year, 211 more than the last one. Among them, 275 museums participated in the exhibition, 177 more than the last exhibition; 216 enterprises and scientific research institutions participated in the exhibition, 34 more than the last session. Chinese and foreign museums are showing more interest in the expo as an exchange platform. Among the participating domestic museums, 61 are national first-class museums such as the Palace Museum and the National Museum of China, and 28 are provincial, regional and municipal museums. Many provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities are organized to participate in the exhibition. In addition to the Chinese museum, 63 museums from 14 countries, especially those along the Belt and Road, brought promotional projects, which gradually showed the international trend of the Expo.


The booth of the Palace Museum


National Museum of China booth


Exhibition Booth of Guangdong Museum


Shandong Museum Booth


Shanxi Museum booth


Joint booth of Jilin Provincial Museum Association


China Women and Children's Museum booth


Third, leaders in related fields attended the most

Relevant leaders from the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Association for Science and Technology, Sichuan Province and Chengdu City and other national ministries and local governments were present to give guidance. At the same time, the presence of international museum organizations such as the International Association of Museums and the American League of Museums attracted attention. International bo association President, for example, Sue, gram guy, international association, vice President of the two, two, chairman of the executive committee and the international federation of bo association in the asia-pacific region, is chosen for the first time since the new official activities for chengdu "fair" and related BBS, is "fair" on international association senior one of the most concentrated to attend, it serves to show the international agreement to start all-round cooperation with China attaches great importance to.

Fourth, the main forum is the highest specification

In accordance with the tradition formed in the past 12 years, the Expo is not only limited to exhibitions of museums and related industries, but also actively responds to the hot issues in the field of international museums by holding high-level and high-level international museum professional forums and seminars at the same time. More than 200 experts, scholars and museum curators from 20 countries, including China, Turkey, Bangladesh, Japan, Pakistan, Brazil, the United States and France, attended the International Forum on Silk Road and Museum Cooperation, the main forum of the Expo. Liu Yuzhu, Director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, and Suai Aksai, President of ICO delivered keynote speeches respectively, calling on countries along the Silk Road to further optimize and integrate cultural heritage resources on the basis of respecting cultural diversity, so as to push international and regional cooperation to a new height. Subsequently, five experts from China, Italy, South Korea and India made special speeches on the cultural heritage characteristics of the Silk Road, strategic cooperation among countries along the One Belt And One Road, and cooperation in holding cross-regional exhibitions. Representatives of the participating countries agreed that the forum has brought many new opportunities for practical cooperation among countries along the Silk Road.


Liu Yuzhu, director of the National Cultural Heritage Administration, delivered a keynote speech


Suai Aksoy, President of ICOM, delivered a keynote speech


Guan Qiang, Deputy Director General of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage chaired the forum

Main Forum of the Expo: International Forum on Silk Road and Museum Cooperation

Fifth, the latest topics of the International Roundtable

The International High-Level Roundtable on Museums, held during the Expo, is hosted by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage with the full support of UNESCO. The Recommendation on the Protection and Strengthening of Museums and Collections, Their Diversity and Their Social Role (2015 Recommendation), adopted by UNESCO in November 2015, is the latest, most authoritative and most comprehensive guidance document of UN agencies in the field of museums. In view of the 2015 proposal just came soon, policy makers and industry museum on its background, principle, content and policy to also don't know much, state administration of cultural heritage convened representatives of more than 20 countries, through the closed form of roundtable, invited the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization and other international experts a comprehensive interpretation of the 2015 proposal, elaborated our country government administration organ for the position of the proposal and ideas. In combination with the situation of their respective countries, they had a heated discussion and jointly offered suggestions for the implementation of the "2015 Recommendation".

International Museum High-Level Roundtable

Sixth, the topics of the symposium/forum were most concentrated

During the 7th Expo, China Museums Association held the second council meeting of the sixth session to study and decide the important work matters of China Museums Association. The second meeting of the editorial board was held for the museum discipline of Encyclopedia of China (the third edition). China association of museum, archaeology and site safety, exchange, the former residence of celebrities, exhibition of museum management, overseas Chinese, Musical Instruments, clothing museum, museum collection, national museum, museum of prehistoric sites protection, display, digital museum of art, law, registration of cataloguing, museum architecture space with new technology, regional museum, wen gen products, such as volunteer work 21 professional committee held an academic meeting or project accordingly BBS, a total of 19 games. The final award of "National Top Ten Volunteers" in 2016, the exhibition and exchange platform of China Museums Association, the collaborative work platform of industrialization and application of cultural relic protection equipment, and the technical delegation of French museums also held thematic forums. The 36th special committee of China expo association, the mobile museum special committee, was formally established during the expo.


Song Xinchao, chairman of the sixth second council meeting of China Museum Association, made a work report



Seventh, the largest number of participants and visitors

During the three-day and a half event, more than 6,200 domestic and foreign museum professionals and business representatives from 40 museums and cultural and museum organizations from 28 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, main forum, international high-level roundtable, special forum, special committee meeting of China Museum Association, public lectures and promotion meetings held at the same time. More than 260 volunteers have directly provided various security services for the Expo. According to the preliminary statistics, the number of visitors during the exhibition of the Expo exceeded 84,000, which is the largest number of participants. The organizing committee of this year's expo invited Shan Jixiang, director of the Palace Museum, and Suai Aksai, president of the International Association of Museums, to give seven public lectures. These lectures are open to the public, allowing the public to share the wonderful presentations of experts and scholars while visiting the Expo.

"ICOM's Hour" Public Lecture

Sichuan Museum "Tea Horse Ancient Road Exhibition" opened


Emperor Gaozong Qianlong's Treasures Exhibition opens at Chengdu Museum

Eighth, the media play the most important role

Although museums are not a very large field, both public media and we media are still devoted to the following reports of the Expo with high enthusiasm. Central government mainstream media such as CCTV, Guangming Daily, local media of Sichuan Province and Chengdu, museum industry websites and WeChat official accounts all released news from the Expo site in the first time, attracting much more attention than previous "Expo". The official website of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) has a long report on the 7th Expo in the top page.


The news broadcast related reports


Sichuan TV reports

Other domestic mainstream media related reports


Related reports on the official website of ICOM

Bangladesh Daily Observer reports


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