Exhibition Introduction

China Museum and Related Products and Technology Expo (referred to as "Expo") is a large-scale international museum industry biennial exhibition with the largest scale, the strongest professionalism and the most extensive influence in China and even in Asia under the guidance of State Administration of Cultural Heritage, co-sponsored by China Museum Association and chinese association of natural science museums, and successfully held for seven times since its establishment in Beichuang in 2004.
The holding of the previous "Expo" gradually demonstrated the achievements of the museum's development with the times, highlighting the development trend of the museum's social education, application of science and technology, inheritance of culture, protection of cultural relics, cultural and creative industries and many other aspects. Through the "Expo", "Exhibition" and "Conference", it shows the combination of theory and practice, and discusses the theoretical basis of the museum's future road through "Conference". Make the "Expo" reach the irreplaceable "exhibition" of museum industry.
China Cultural Relics News, CCTV News Network, china national radio and other central and even national media, as well as many international media, have carried out in-depth follow-up reports on the Expo, which has made the Expo have extensive influence in society and internationally. In order to attract more people to enter the museum and receive the education of inheriting culture, it has expanded a wider foundation.