The 8th Expo came to a successful conclusion

Under the guidance of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, the 8th Museums and Related Products and Technology Expo of China, co-sponsored by China Association of Museums and China Association of Natural Science Museums, was held in Fuzhou on November 23rd and 26th.Through the joint efforts of various parties, the schedule was successfully completed and the curtain was closed in Fuzhou on the 26th.

The "fair" to "museum: the new era, a new journey" as the theme, carry out the 19th report about important spirit to promote the development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries, around the national cultural strategy, display platform function, promote the museum and science and technology, education, travel, design, intellectual property, and industry sectors such as the interaction of the fusion.During the Expo, there will be four series of nearly 100 activities, including exhibition, forum, public welfare activities and project promotion and signing.In terms of scale, size and influence, the expo has achieved new breakthroughs, and many indicators have broken all records since the expo was founded in 2004.

In this event, nearly 10,000 domestic and foreign museum professionals and enterprise representatives from 40 museums and cultural and museum organizations from 39 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, main forum, conference, special forum, special committee meeting of China Association for Museums, public lectures and promotion meetings.More than 220 volunteers have provided various security services for the Expo.According to statistics, the number of visitors during the exhibition of this year's expo exceeded 90,000, which is the largest ever since the expo was founded.


The exhibition covers an unprecedented area with various forms and contents

The exhibition area of the 8th "expo" is 50050 square meters, which is the largest exhibition since its establishment.The exhibition area increased by a quarter compared with the previous exhibition (40,000 square meters).It is divided into two parts: "Museum Section" and "Cultural and Museum-related Enterprises Section".Contains the preface hall, museum, one hundred years, "" golden card - forty years of reform and opening up China's entry of cultural relics exhibition review", "comprehensive museum exhibition" "museum ZhanChen design exhibition" "museum of related products and technology exhibition" bump "museum technology exhibition" "digital technology museum exhibition" "bump equipment industry collaborative platform pavilion" socialisation "museum exhibition" public welfare activities "non-state-owned museum exhibition" "the national archaeological wenbo class colleges and universities and cultural heritage exhibition" "international exhibition" "wenbo business area of fujian province" and other 13 specialized exhibition area.

According to the statistics of the organizing committee, a total of 613 museums and enterprises participated in the Expo this year, 122 more than the last one, including 305 museums, 30 more than the last one, involving different levels of national level I, II, III and comprehensive, history, art, archaeology, science and technology, industry and many other disciplines.There are 71 museums participating independently.234 museums in 12 provinces, including Beijing, Chongqing, Fujian, Guangxi, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Jilin, Henan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Xinjiang, will present at the Expo in the form of local pavilions, covering 27 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions as well as Taiwan.As the first non-state-owned museum exhibition area set up separately, it attracted 76 non-state-owned museums from 24 provinces and cities.

A total of 308 exhibitors will show new technologies, projects and products in museum-related fields such as network technology, design, cultural protection technology and equipment, museum security system, cultural and creative products, etc.

The academic forum was splendid, and the "Youth Forum" was brilliant

In the eighth "Expo", the ninth "Hand in Hand History -- China's Top Ten Volunteers Star Promotion Activity" and "2015-2017 China Museum Youth Education Curriculum Excellent Teaching Design Promotion and Exhibition Activity" announced the final evaluation results.In addition, 23 industry forums and 22 project promotion meetings, such as "Technology Innovation and Museum Development Summit Forum" and "Museum Curators Forum in Ethnic and Ethnic Areas of China", were also held during the Expo.


The First International Museum Youth Forum is the main forum of the 8th International Museum Youth Forum, highlighting the important role that young people play in the development of museums. Museum of youth in it in order to "change" as the theme, consists of "museum of youth and the future of the traditional culture" "digital museum culture image" "museum of young workers and the sustainable development of regional culture" three topics, keynote and three parallel BBS, including those from Canada, South Korea, Japan, France, the Netherlands, the United States, Russia, Turkey and other 39 countries museum of the 70 youth representatives to participate in the BBS, 59 youth delegates do the speech communication.

"Museum of youth and the future of the traditional culture" points on the BBS, speech representatives around the young to grow together with the museum, young museum of traditional cultural inheritance and the future development direction of the speech, they said the museum staff appeared younger trend, the museum is a place for young people to learn to grow, the museum also depends on the development of more and more young people to join.


At the sub-forum of "New Cultural Image of Museums in the Digital Age", the speakers shared their practical experience and related thinking on the digital construction of museums in recent years from the fields of social education, exhibition design, management practice and social communication. They say that digitization is a tool rather than an end, and that the problems arising in the process of promoting cultural values through digital technology and their solutions deserve further research and discussion by the youth of the museum.


At the sub-forum "Young Museumists and Sustainable Development of Regional Culture", the speakers discussed how museums can contribute to sustainable development of regional culture and better connect with communities. They believe that, as Director Liu Yuzhu of the National Cultural Heritage Administration put it, the new era offers young people more new platforms and opportunities, as well as new requirements and responsibilities. The youth of museums should release their youthful passion in the struggle, pursue their youthful ideals, make new contributions to the development of museums and contribute to the new era.



The closing ceremony of the forum was held on November 24. Suai Aksoi, President of ICOM, spoke highly of the success of the forum, which provided a good opportunity for young museum workers from home and abroad to exchange ideas and progress. The Forum is a good platform to promote the growth of young museum workers. President Suai Aksoi, based on his own experience of working in museums when he was young, acknowledged the help of the Forum to young museum workers and encouraged the domestic and foreign delegates to the Forum to cherish the opportunity and grow in their work.

International personnel interaction and exchanges to promote friendship and deepen cooperation

Many international exchange activities were held at the expo. At the meeting of foreign guests on the morning of November 23, IOM President Suai Aksoi, on behalf of all the foreign guests attending the Expo, expressed his gratitude to the Chinese side for the gracious invitation. She reviewed the good cooperation between ICOM and CICOM over the years and shared the original relationship between ICOM and the Expo. She said that ICOM will continue to support the cause of Chinese museums, expand cooperation between the two sides and create a bright future with the Chinese museum industry.


Kyoto convention in 2019 the introduction of activities, the international association President Sue, gram guy said, hope more Chinese museum workers, especially young workers to attend the international association 2019 Kyoto conference, at the same time hope that more Chinese museum workers registration to become an international association member, join the international bo association, large family.

At the symposium on the work of ICOM, the participants expressed their gratitude for being invited to participate in the Expo, appreciated the host's manner and considerate service, and said it was a rare opportunity to communicate with peers and experts. A memorandum of understanding was also signed between CCAMO and its Pakistani counterpart at the meeting. The two sides hope that this MOU will strengthen cooperation between CBMC and Pakistan in the field of museums and related cultural heritage, in particular to promote the exchange of best practices and best practices under the framework of the "One Belt And One Road" initiative, and deepen the comprehensive friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

The public welfare activities are rich in content and the public enthusiasm is unprecedentedly high

There will also be 12 large-scale public welfare activities including cultural lectures, artistic performances, social and educational activities, interactive activities and cultural exhibitions. What is particularly noteworthy is that the creative team of the China Media Group's large-scale cultural exploration program National Treasure came to the Expo and held a sharing session. As the "star" programs that have attracted much attention from the society, they share their creation process with the content of the programs, share with the public the profound and broad understanding of Chinese culture, and present the Chinese story behind the national treasure. Yang Zehua, an expert on the restoration of cultural relics from the Imperial Palace, who is popular with the public because of the column "I repair cultural relics in the Forbidden City", came to the Expo site. Centered on the theme of "Cultural Relics Restoration and Cultural Relics Knowledge", he gave a wonderful talk to the public in the public lecture section, popularizing cultural and cultural knowledge to young people. The "Social Education Activities Area", the main exhibition site of the Expo, will arrange many social education experience activities such as handmade crafts and cultural courses in the Palace Museum, Nanjing Museum, Shanghai Museum and Yan Fu Calligraphic Museum.


Cultural radio and television news and publication of large stage of chengdu tianfu thing China, fujian museum "modem Chinese painting master qi baishi exhibition" "glorious history - the country hundreds of overseas Chinese overseas Chinese footprint" things "stamps on overseas Chinese" Marine silk road "on the stamps of achives," wisdom pavilion experience "passport" museum collection of chapter "theatrical performances, cultural exhibitions, such as interactive experience activities are also held during the period of" fair ". During the weekend, local people flocked to the exhibition hall with enthusiasm and actively participated in the various activities of the expo.

Promoted the promotion and signing of a number of projects, and achieved remarkable results in the Expo

The "expo" has brought together the "museum of cultural resources development and operation of public cultural services" platform "" Internet + museum" astronomical science exhibition of innovative design, "" Chinese museum knowledge new operating platform" a batch of excellent wenbo projects, such as resources, in the form of a seminar on resources docking, promote wenbo by strategic cooperation with science and technology, design, and Internet development, education and other industries fusion, raise the overall strength of the museum. During the Expo, the project signing was also held. Oriental university, the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei museum propulsion office, China education television, fujian stone mountain haze museum, national cultural trade base unit signed "wenbo training base" creative "museum culture" "beijing-tianjin-hebei museum studies project base" swim "in museum studies project launching ceremony" "beijing-tianjin-hebei JiaoLiuZhan folk culture" and so on ten culture, wenbo cooperation projects. It can be said that the "Expo" has really promoted the strategic development of the cultural industry.

High media attention, good publicity effect

Apart from Museums Association of China (Museums Association of China) 's own platform, the Expo has also received high attention from various media platforms. Central government mainstream media such as China Media Group, Guangming Daily, local media of Fujian and Fuzhou, museum industry websites and WeChat official accounts all released news from the Expo site in the first time, attracting much more attention than previous Expo sites.

Introduction to the background of the Expo

Museum of China and related products and technology expo (hereinafter referred to as "expo") is directed by state administration of cultural heritage, the Chinese association of museum, jointly organized by the Chinese museum of natural science association, China association of museum marketing and public relations professional committee held once every two years to undertake large international museum industry event, since founded in 2004, has successfully held the eighth, become China's museum field development results, enhancing cultural self-confidence, promote wenbo fusion of science and technology development and related technology innovation service upgrade, It is an important platform to promote practical cooperation between domestic and foreign museums and open up new areas of museum cultural industry development.

Let's meet again in 2020!



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