Wenbo New Media in "Hyperlink" : Witness Innovation and Discuss Development

On November 25, the "Hyperlink -- 2018 Cultural and Museums New Media Forum", co-sponsored by China Cultural Relics Information Consulting Center and sina weibo, was held during the 8th Museum of China and Related Products and Technology Expo in Fuzhou.

Guests and leaders from the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, China Cultural Relics Information Consulting Center, Sina Weibo, and Fujian Museum attended and delivered speeches at the forum. Representatives from Communication University of China, the program group of National Treasure, Sichuan Museum, Guanfu Museum and others shared their topics based on their practical experience in new media operation, and made a profound interpretation on the development trend of new media and the changes of traditional media communication in the cultural and museum industry in the future. Museums' new media operators and outstanding representatives of cultural and museum communication attended the forum to jointly witness the innovation of new media and discuss the development of new media of cultural and museum.

Jin Ruiguo, deputy director of the Department of Museums and Social Relics of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, delivered a speech

Wu Dongfeng, Party secretary of China Cultural Relics Information Consulting Center, delivered a speech

Li Zhengrong, general manager of government microblog operation, delivered a speech

Gong Zhangnian, deputy director of Fujian Museum, delivered a speech

Since the establishment of the forum in 2017, it has created the "Culture and Museum New Media Matrix", which has been joined by nearly 100 museums. 2018 cultural and cultural new media forum theme "hyperlink", aims to build a platform for cultural and cultural institutions to share communication and exchange, jointly face the opportunities and challenges of cultural and cultural development in the field of new media, explore cultural and cultural institutions with the help of new media platform to achieve cross-border cooperation with other industries, seamless link and integrated development.

Period of the BBS, the China cultural heritage information consultation center, sina weibo, communication university of China of the 2018 wenbo new media development report released, at the same time, combined with the network new media data, through comprehensive evaluation and Internet voting, this BBS also produce wenbo "2018 top ten influential official micro", "2018 annual wenbo ten innovation officer micro" and "2018 the most influential cultural relics spokesperson" three list and awarded the certificate.

2018 Wenbo New Media Innovative Communication General Rating List

Top 10 Influential Official Microblogs in 2018

The Palace Museum, National Museum, Memorial Hall of Compatriots Victims in the Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders, Mogao Grottoes, Zhejiang Provincial Museum, Guangdong Provincial Museum, Shaanxi History Museum, Haihun Marquis, China Cultural Museum, Xi 'an Banpo Museum Volunteer Team

2018 Wenbo Top 10 Innovation Official Weibo

Hantang website, Sichuan Guanghan Sanxingdui Museum, Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum, Jinsha Site Museum, Hunan Provincial Museum, Henan Museum Volunteer Team, Sichuan Museum, Shanghai Museum, Capital Museum Cultural Expression, Henan Archaeology

2018 Cultural and Musical Matrix Special Contribution Award

Shaanxi Youth Cultural and Musical Volunteers Federation

The most influential spokesperson of cultural relics in 2018

@Hesenbao (narrator of the National Museum), @Arterial Shadow (cultural and museum lovers in the financial industry), @Palace Museum Ancient Watch Restorer (the Palace Museum), @Zhang Led Lingxian (cultural and museum media practitioner), @Museum Miaowang (director of Beijing TV Youth Channel)



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