The theme forum "Technology, Society and Museums" on the first Open Day of the 8th Expo was successfully held

At the museum of the eighth China and related products and technology at the opening of the expo, at the invitation of bo expo organizing committee, Shanghai museum of science education and journal in China, Shanghai science and technology museum, museum of natural science association, under the guidance of joint Wonders Information Co., Ltd., Shanghai YunGang with visual art design Co., Ltd., fuzhou science and technology museum, in fuzhou city of fujian province channel international conference center held the "museum of science and technology, society and" theme BBS.

Gu Qingsheng, deputy curator of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and director of the Shanghai Museum of Natural History Management Committee, gave a speech at the beginning of the forum and introduced the guests. Fu Qiqi sheng, director of Fujian Provincial Bureau of Cultural Heritage, gave a speech, introducing Fujian's ecological environment and rich cultural heritage, and expressing the firm stance of cultural scholars. An Laishun, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Vice President and Secretary General of Museums Association of China and Vice President of International Association of Museums attended the meeting. More than 100 representatives from cultural institutions and institutions of higher learning gathered together to discuss the relationship, current situation and future development between "science and technology, society and museums".


Curator Gu Qingsheng gave a speech on the exploration and practice of natural museums in the new era. Taking Shanghai Museum of Natural History as an example, he discussed the opportunities and challenges facing the museum.


Intelligence and computing department professor at the university of tianjin cultural relic ontology surface monitoring key scientific research base, head of the state administration of cultural heritage, cultural heritage protection and inheritance of tianjin engineering technology center director, jia-wan zhang to the heritage and application of knowledge map building, illustrates the museum knowledge system construction, the method of knowledge map construction of cultural relics and museums, the application of the wise.


The journalism school of fudan university, an assistant professor of English at the university of Glasgow media research Dr Xu Di by video link, and she says the human society is entering the "age of big data," can use data, using data mining more precipitation capital, found hidden truth, for the public to provide more professional and objective knowledge. Visualization is the partner of data, which can effectively soften data information, and museums should be active actors to explore data.

In combination with the strategy of integrating industrial development of Wanda Information Co., Ltd., Tong Yin, General Manager of the Cultural Business Department of Wonders Information Co., Ltd., focuses on introducing the latest practical achievements of culture and future education, culture and future sports and medical care, culture and future urban governance.

Song Xian, PhD of Education of East China Normal University, deputy director and associate researcher of Shanghai Science Communication and Development Research Center of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, combined with domestic and foreign cases, comprehensively discussed how to make breakthroughs and innovations in the exhibition of science and technology museums in the new era.


Wang Long, the general manager of Shanghai Yungang Tonghui Visual Art Design Co., Ltd. guides the design ideas of the Science and Technology Museum from the perspective of visitors' experiential learning, making it more interactive and scientific, so that visitors can have a more profound experience.


Liu Jian, director of Shanghai Museum Information Center, discussed the topic of constructing museum's own cyber space. He believed that with the development of digital technology, how to construct museum's own cyber space has become an unavoidable problem in the field of cultural and museum.

Du Renhua, the person in charge of product design and deputy general manager of micro-Jingtianxia, discussed the practice and thinking of panoramic digital museum in view of the light application product of realistic cultural museum. Panorama is used as the information carrier to complete the deep and complete visual expression from the spatial appearance of the museum to the internal structure, exhibition hall layout, exhibit details, etc., so as to realize online browsing of the virtual museum at any time, making it a never-ending exhibition.

In the end, curator Gu made a summary of the forum. He said that the guests expressed their views on the frontier hot topics in their respective research fields, focused on the integration of culture and science and technology, and highlighted the importance of science and technology and museums in society. The speech was both broad and deep. It was a very productive meeting.

This event is the only forum hosted by academic journals, and it is also the largest forum held by this magazine since its establishment. With the support of Fujian Provincial Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Shanghai Science Popularization Education Development Foundation, and the Marketing and Public Relations Committee of China Museums Association, the forum was a complete success.



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