"Expo" countdown! Welcome the "New Era • New Journey" of the Museum


Guided by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and sponsored by China Association of Museums and China Association of Natural Science Museums, the 8th "China Museums and Related Products and Technology Expo" (hereinafter referred to as "Expo") will be held in Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 23 to 26, 2018.

A press conference was held at the press conference hall of Fuzhou Municipal People's Government in Fuzhou, east China's Fujian Province, Nov. 16, 2018. An Laishun, vice president and secretary general of China Museums Association, Li Chun, vice mayor of Fuzhou City, Lu Jiang, vice minister of Municipal Propaganda Department, and Wu Yujian, director of Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics attended the press conference. At the press conference, An Laishun introduced the content section and work progress of this "Expo" to the participating media. It is reported that this "expo" closely around the national culture, science and technology, social service development strategy, with "museum: new era • new journey" as the theme, the construction of exhibition display, forum discussion, public welfare activities, project promotion and other four major sections, is expected to reach more than 100 related series of activities.

Press conference site

As every two years, the large international museum industry event, "fair" since founded in 2004, has successfully held seven sessions, and become to promote China's museum forefront achievement, enhance the level of professional development and promote wenbo fusion of science and technology development and related technical application service upgrade, museum and the product development, pragmatic cooperation an important platform to promote the domestic and foreign museum.

So, what will the 8th Expo bring to the audience? Let's get a sneak peek!

We will practice the principle of building a strong cultural country

A panoramic display of the development of the cultural industry

This Expo is the first time since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to show the achievements and current situation of the development of China's museum industry. It will fully present the achievements of museums in promoting the creative transformation and innovative development of China's excellent traditional culture, in response to the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to put forward higher requirements for cultural construction.

The "Expo" scale, the high degree of international participation, the number of exhibition activities, the rich content of the exhibition is the largest ever, at the same time, the leaders of provinces and cities came to watch and learn enthusiastic. The exhibition area of the Expo is 50050 square meters, which is divided into two parts: "Museum Exhibition Area" and "Exhibition Area of Cultural and Museum-related Enterprises". Up to now, 613 museums and enterprises have participated in the exhibition, including 305 museums and 308 enterprises, accounting for about 50% each.

The concept of the venue for the 8th Expo

Museum exhibition area: multi-region and multi-type exhibition style

The participating museums cover different levels such as national level 1, 2 and 3, as well as various disciplines such as comprehensive, history, art, archaeology, science and technology, and industry. The Palace Museum and the national museum of China, 71 independent exhibition museum, Beijing, chongqing, fujian, guangxi, jilin, henan, shaanxi, sichuan, jiangsu, jiangxi, xinjiang and other 12 provinces, municipality directly under the central government, autonomous regions, 234 museums in the form of local pavilion concentrated at the "expo", covers 27 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government, autonomous regions and in Taiwan.

In order to promote cultural exchange and cooperation platform for all types of museum construction gradually realize the standardization and normalization, non-state-owned museum is also the first solo exhibition, "expo" has attracted 76 non-state-owned museum in 24 provinces in China, reflects the Chinese non-state-owned museum wenbo studies in recent years, wen gen development, museum operations results, more show the non-state-owned museum cultural exchanges and cooperation mechanism is further improved.

Exhibition area for related enterprises: display the latest technology in various fields

ZhanChen exhibitors institutions involved in museum, lighting, security, digital, and the development, cultural relics protection, transportation, nine specialized domains such as network technology, publishing, will display the network technology, design of ZhanChen, bump technology and equipment, the museum security preservation system, wen gen products such as museum related new technologies, new projects and new products.

Interregional Cooperation

We will promote cultural exchanges among Belt and Road countries


"Area" initiative will bring fruitful results are benefit all over the world, the museum as a cultural unit, attaches great importance to and "neighbourhood" all the way along the country's cultural exchanges and cooperation, with cultural heritage as the carrier, active and promising has conducted a diversity of cultural exchange activities, with the support of state administration of cultural heritage held nearly an important topic seminar and related exhibition.

During the "expo", Russia, Mongolia, Korea, Pakistan, azerbaijan, Cambodia, Ethiopia, white rose, Laos, myanmar, Serbia, Senegal, Israel, kazakhstan and other countries along the "area" all the way to actively participate in, in the field of cultural heritage has theme exhibition, information sharing, joint research, professional personnel exchanges and personnel training and other aspects of close cooperation. In addition, the Silk Road Museum Alliance Conference will also be held during the Expo.

During the same period, nearly 100 foreign guests from more than 40 countries, including Britain, India, Finland, Brazil, the United States, Italy, Egypt, Germany, Australia, Japan and so on, will also attend the special theme discussion and related activities of the Expo. While uniting regional development, we will further expand the international influence of this expo.

High-specification discussion

Highlight the international influence of Chinese museums

The expo not only provides a platform for the development of museums and related industries, but also hopes to hold a high-level and high-level international museum professional forum at the same time to discuss topics of international interest to museums and show the achievements of Chinese museum research to the world.

Abundant and Diverse Academic Activities Gather "Expo"

According to the tradition of the previous expo, the main forum will be held from the afternoon of November 23 to 24.

During the Expo, Museums Association of China (Museums Association of China) will hold the fourth council of the sixth session, and 23 professional committees under Museums Association of China will hold annual meetings or academic seminars at the same time. The final results of the 9th "Join Hands in History -- China's Top Ten Volunteers Star Promotion Activity" and "2015-2017 China Museum Youth Education Curriculum Excellent Teaching Design Promotion and Exhibition" will be announced. In addition, 23 industry forums and 22 project promotion conferences, such as "Cultural Relics Protection Equipment Development Forum" and "Museum Curators Forum in Ethnic and Ethnic Areas of China", will also be held during the Expo.

First Global Museum Youth Forum

The International Council of Museums (ICOM), the China Association of Museums and the Fuzhou Municipal People's Government will jointly host the First Global Youth Forum on Museums to highlight the unique role of young people in the field of cultural heritage and museums. This is the first time that Chinese and international museum organizations have customized the communication platform for young museum personnel. Themed as "Museum Youth in Change", the forum consisted of three topics: "Museum Youth and the Future of Traditional Culture", "New Cultural Image of Museum in Digital Age", and "Young Museumists and Sustainable Development of Regional Culture". The forum was divided into keynote speeches and three parallel sub-forums. Then, from five continents world 39 national museum of the nearly 70 international youth representatives will work together with hundreds of Chinese museum youth representatives, in the perspective of diversification and internationalization, to share their cultural heritage protection heritage, museums and community sustainable development and digital technology applied to cultural heritage and museum in the aspects of theory and practice.

Museum is holding to the first global youth BBS ", is actively the construction of cultural exchanges and cooperation mechanism and platform of a beneficial attempt, based on the "expo" big platform, let China museum to show the world cultural self-confidence, let people onto the world stage, Chinese museum actively seek wide communication and development space, leading the Chinese culture "going out".

Build a large platform for public cultural services in museums

All citizens are invited to participate

It is clearly pointed out in the report of the 19th National Congress that "socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era", and the new historical opportunity endow the Expo with a new mission. The "Expo" is committed to building a complex platform of the cultural industry and the public, not only to become the cultural industry communication platform, but also to become a public cultural service platform for the public.

According to the introduction, this "expo" will be a cultural event with the participation of the whole people. During this period, the gate of the Expo will be open to Fuzhou university, middle school and primary school students as well as citizens, and various activities will be held to attract public participation. At the same time, the event will also be shared with national followers through live streaming. Twelve large-scale public welfare activities including cultural lectures, artistic performances, social education activities, interactive activities and cultural exhibitions will be arranged on the exhibition site, among which there are many cultural projects that the public are familiar with. Through these rich cultural activities, the expo hopes to eventually attract more people to museums and get closer to history and culture, truly "make cultural relics come alive", let the public feel the Chinese civilization in museums, and enhance their cultural confidence.

National Treasure Creators Sharing

The creative team of "National Treasure", a large-scale cultural and cultural exploration program from the China Media Group, will hold a creative sharing meeting of "National Treasure" at the Expo. The core team of this program, "Star", which has attracted much attention from the society, will share their creation process with the audience, and share their understanding of the wonderful Chinese stories behind the museum's national treasures and the extensive and profound excellent traditional Chinese culture.

National Treasure

Public lecture "I repair cultural relics in the Forbidden City"

Experts on the restoration of cultural relics of the Forbidden City, who are popular with the public for the column "I repair cultural relics in the Forbidden City", will also come to the site of the Expo and give a public lecture on "Cultural Relics Restoration and Cultural Relics Knowledge" for the majority of cultural relic lovers with both knowledge and interest.

Poster picture of the program "I repair cultural relics in the Forbidden City"

More interesting activities are waiting for you to experience

At the same time, in the "Social Education Activities Area" of the Expo site, participating museums such as the Palace Museum, Nanjing Museum, Shanghai Museum and Yan Fu Calligraphic Museum will arrange a series of social education experience activities, including handmade crafts and cultural courses. Chengdu Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Press and Publication will bring a large-scale stage play "Wuhua Tianfu", which showcases the important cultural relics of Chengdu. Fujian museum "modem Chinese painting master qi baishi exhibition", "the glorious history - the country hundreds of overseas Chinese overseas Chinese footprint" things, "stamp of overseas Chinese", "stamp of Marine silk road" the launch, "wisdom pavilion experience", "museum of passport set chapter" theatrical performances, cultural exhibitions, such as interactive experience activities will also be held during the "expo".

Focus on the future development of the cultural industry

Open sharing and cross-border integration

Promote cross-border integration of cultural and museum industries

The process of the integration of museum cultural resources and society in multiple fields is accelerating. It is an effective path and inevitable trend to realize the open sharing of cultural and museum resources to realize cultural innovation in the cross-boundary and diversified integration and build a win-win cooperation mode.

The "expo" has brought together a large number of outstanding wenbo project resources, including "museum cultural resources development and operation of public cultural services", "Internet + museum platform", "astronomical science exhibition innovation design", "Chinese museum knowledge new operating platform", etc., relevant institutions will be in the form of a seminar for promotion, strengthening resources docking, reached a strategic cooperation, promote wenbo and science and technology, design, and the fusion of the Internet and education industry development, raise the overall strength of the museum.

Inject sustained impetus for the development of the cultural industry

During the "expo", including the university of east, the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei museum propulsion office, China education television, national cultural trade base and so on more than 10 institutions would with counterparts wenbo talent training base for cultural creativity and museum, the museum studies project base, museum exhibits such party signed a cooperation agreement face to face communication. This will also further expand cultural exchanges and cooperation channels in the cultural industry to achieve win-win cooperation and coordinated development of the cultural industry.



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