The 8th Expo will open. The organizing committee will hold a press conference to report the preparation

        Guided by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and sponsored by the China Association of Museums and the China Association of Natural Science Museums, the 8th "China Museums and Related Products and Technology Exposition" will be held in Fuzhou on November 23rd and 26th. On the afternoon of 16th, the organizing committee of the expo held a press conference in fuzhou, informing the content and preparation of the expo. An Laishun, vice president and secretary general of China Museums Association, Li Chun, vice mayor of Fuzhou, Lu Jiang, vice minister of Municipal Propaganda Department, and Wu Yujian, director of Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics attended the press conference.

Every two years "fair" is an international museum industry event, since 2004 has held seven success, has become China's museum field display development, enhance cultural self-confidence, promote wenbo fusion of science and technology, related technical innovation service upgrade, promote museum at home and abroad cooperation, pioneering museum important platform of cultural industry development.

  The "fair" to "museum: the new era, a new journey" as the theme, will carry out the 19th report about important spirit to promote the development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries, around the national cultural strategy, display platform function, promote the museum and science and technology, education, travel, design, intellectual property, and industry sectors such as the interaction of the fusion.During the Expo, there will be four series of nearly 100 activities, including exhibition, forum, public welfare activities and project promotion and signing.

Exhibition display

The main exhibition venue of the 8th Expo is located in Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total exhibition area of 50050 square meters, which is divided into two parts: "Museum" and "Cultural and Museum-related Enterprises". Contains the preface hall, museum, one hundred years, "" golden card - forty years of reform and opening up China exit and entry cultural relics exhibition" review "comprehensive museum exhibition" "museum ZhanChen design exhibition" "museum of related products and technology exhibition" bump "museum technology exhibition" "digital technology museum exhibition" "bump equipment industry collaborative platform pavilion" socialisation "museum exhibition" public welfare activities "non-state-owned museum exhibition" "the national archaeological wenbo class colleges and universities and cultural heritage exhibition" "international exhibition" "wenbo business area of fujian province" and other 13 specialized exhibition area.

According to the statistics of the organizing committee, there are 613 museums and enterprises participating in the Expo, including 305 museums. There are 308 enterprises. The participating museums cover different levels such as national level 1, 2 and 3, as well as various disciplines such as comprehensive, history, art, archaeology, science and technology, and industry.

In addition to the 71 museums that independently registered for the exhibition, 234 museums from 12 provinces, autonomous regions, including Beijing, Chongqing, Fujian, Guangxi, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Jilin, Henan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Xinjiang will participate in the exhibition as a group, covering 27 provinces, autonomous regions and Taiwan.

In order to implement the Opinions on Further Promoting the Development of Non-State-owned Museums and reflect their development achievements, the Expo has for the first time set up the "Non-State-owned Museums Exhibition Area" to display the achievements of China's non-state-owned museums in cultural and museum research, cultural and creative development and operation in recent years.

The Expo will feature 308 exhibitors in nine specialized fields, including museum exhibition, lighting, security, digitalization, cultural and creative development, cultural relic protection, cultural relic transportation, network technology, and publishing and distribution. New technologies, new projects and new products in these fields will be exhibited.

The history of Chinese museums in the past 100 years, and the review of the entry and exit exhibitions of Chinese cultural relics since the reform and opening up will also be displayed at the 8th Expo.

BBS meeting

The 8th Expo will hold 23 industry conferences and academic forums, among which the 1st International Museum Youth Forum will be the main forum, highlighting the important role played by young people in the development of museums. Museum of youth in it in order to "change" as the theme, consists of "museum of youth and the future of the traditional culture" "digital museum culture image" "museum of young workers and the sustainable development of regional culture" three topics, keynote and three parallel BBS, including those from Canada, South Korea, Japan, France, the Netherlands, the United States, Russia, Turkey and other 39 countries museum of the 70 youth representatives to participate in the BBS activities.

During the Expo, Museums Association of China (Museums Association of China) will hold the fourth council of the sixth session, and 23 professional committees of Museums Association of China will hold annual meetings or academic seminars at the same time. The final results of the 9th "Join Hands in History -- China's Top Ten Volunteers Star Promotion Activity" and the "2015-2017 China Museum of Youth Education Curriculum Excellent Teaching Design Promotion and Exhibition" will be announced. In addition, 23 industry forums and 22 project promotion conferences, such as "Technology Innovation and Museum Development Summit Forum" and "Museum Curators Forum in Ethnic and Ethnic Areas of China", will also be held during the Expo.

Public welfare activities

There will be 12 large-scale public welfare activities including cultural lectures, artistic performances, social education activities, interactive activities and cultural exhibitions.

What is particularly noteworthy is that the creative team of the China Media Group's large-scale cultural exploration program National Treasure will come to the Expo and hold a sharing session. As the "star" programs that have attracted great attention from the society, they will share their creation process with the content of the programs, share with the public the profound and profound Chinese culture, and present the Chinese stories behind the national treasures.

Yang Zehua, an expert on the restoration of cultural relics from the Palace Museum, who is very popular with the public for his column "I repair cultural relics in the Palace Museum", will come to the Expo site and give a wonderful talk to the public on the theme of "Cultural Relics Restoration and Cultural Relics Knowledge".

In order to popularize cultural and cultural knowledge among young people, social and education activities will be held in the Palace Museum, Nanjing Museum, Shanghai Museum and Yan Fu calligraphy and ink museum.

Cultural radio and television news and publication of large stage of chengdu tianfu thing China, fujian museum "modem Chinese painting master qi baishi exhibition" "glorious history - the country hundreds of overseas Chinese overseas Chinese footprint" things "stamps on overseas Chinese" Marine silk road "on the stamps of achives," wisdom pavilion experience "passport" museum collection of chapter "theatrical performances, cultural exhibitions, such as interactive experience activities will also be held during the" expo ".

Project promotion and signing

The "expo" will "museum cultural resources development and operation of public cultural services" platform "" Internet + museum" astronomical science exhibition of innovative design, "" Chinese museum knowledge new operating platform" a batch of excellent wenbo projects, such as resources, in the form of a seminar on resources docking, promote wenbo by strategic cooperation with science and technology, design, and Internet development, education and other industries fusion, raise the overall strength of the museum.

During the Expo, project signing will also be held. There will be the east university, the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei museum propulsion office, China education television, fujian stone mountain haze museum, national cultural trade base unit signs such as "wenbo training base" creative "museum culture" "beijing-tianjin-hebei museum studies project base" swim "in museum studies project launching ceremony" "beijing-tianjin-hebei JiaoLiuZhan folk culture" and so on ten culture, wenbo cooperation projects.


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