"The leader" and "the inheritor" altogether start the eighth "Bo Bo" curtain

Guided by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and sponsored by the China Association of Museums and The China Association of Museums of Natural Science, the 8th China Museums and Related Products and Technologies Expo with the theme of "Museums -- A New Era and A New Journey" opened in Fuzhou on November 23.

613 Chinese museums and enterprises participated in the exhibition, and foreign guests from 42 countries attended relevant activities, with a total exhibition area of 50,000 square meters. Liu Yuzhu, Director of the National Cultural Heritage Administration; Guan Qiang, Deputy Director; Zhou Lianqing, Standing Committee member of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee; Shi Jianping, Party secretary of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism; You Mengjun, Mayor of Fuzhou; Wang Chunfa, curator of the National Museum of China; Cheng Donghong, president of the China Association of Natural Science Museums; and Su Ai, president of the International Federation of Sports Associations. Aksoi, Hans Martin, former president of IBO. Hinds, Peggy Tong, president of the Asia-pacific Alliance of THE International Humanitarian Association, and Tomislav D., president of The World's Best Heritage Organization. Sola and other domestic and foreign guests attended the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony was presided over by An Laishun, vice president and secretary General of THE International Association of Museums, and Su Ai, president of the International Association of Museums. Aksoi and Director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage Liu Yuzhu addressed the conference.

                                                                    Sue's. Cleo guy

                                                President, International Association of Museums

1. Close cooperation

Sue's. Ms. Aksoy said that the origin of THE ASSOCIATION and the Expo can be traced back to the successful holding of the first Bo Expo in 2004. For IBO, the Expo is a grand gathering of the museum industry and related technologies and products. Since its establishment, IBO has provided the sustainable support to the Expo. At the same time, international association, also very appreciate "bo exposition" working method, we see on "bo exposition" is not only for the display of the museum of related technologies and products, and there are a lot of important high-end BBS, can make the museum professionals together, on industry topics of common interest exchange opinions and ideas. In her speech, Sue. In particular, Ms. Aksoy said, "Along the way, I am delighted to see the steady and rapid development of BoBO, and I am also pleased to see that boBO has now become a world class talent equipment and systems show stage!"

2. Inheritance and protection

At the end of the speech, Sue. Ms. Aksoi said that in today's conflict-filled world, where people sometimes disagree and sometimes distrust each other, it is all the more necessary for us to work together to promote world peace and development by safeguarding cultural exchanges and safeguarding cultural heritage. "In the face of the world's cultural heritage, we believe that cultural heritage should be diversified. Our common goal is to promote the inheritance and protection of cultural heritage, so we should protect and share and carry forward this concept and the diversity of world cultural heritage in the future." Meanwhile, Sueh. At the end of her speech, Ms. Aksoy expressed her best wishes for a complete success of the Expo and expressed the hope that the participants in the forum and the exchange could reap a full harvest.

                                                                        Liu Yuzhu

                                          Director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage

Director of state administration of cultural heritage Liu Yuzhu, first in a speech on behalf of the state administration of cultural heritage for the success of the "expo" warm greetings, and at the same time to pay for hosting "expo" hard work of the China association of museum, museum of natural science association of China, the people's government of fuzhou, as well as the culture and tourism in fujian province hall, administration of cultural heritage and related units, to care for a long time support and committed to the development of the museum undertaking expressed heartfelt thanks to people from all walks of life.

1. Museums have prospered in the past 40 years

In her speech, Liu first mentioned that China's museums have made great progress since the reform and opening up four decades ago. Over the past 40 years, the number of museums in China has increased by 14 times to more than 5,000, among which 87.97% are free of charge. 855 museums are rated as the first, second and third level national museums. Industry museum, thematic museum, let a hundred flowers bloom; New types of museums, such as ecological museums and museums of wisdom, have been on the rise, and the enthusiasm of social forces to participate in the construction of museums has been on the rise. Non-state-owned museums now account for nearly 30 percent of the total number of museums in China.

The Chinese museum system has become more sound, the quality of which has been constantly improved, the cultural benefits to the people have been increasingly deepened, and the pace of the integration of museums into society has been significantly accelerated. National museum exhibitions more than 20000, 2017, 200000 thematic education activity, attendance of 970 million person-time, "national treasure", "national treasure if talking" museum theme TV show the splash screen, such as "Internet + Chinese civilization" plan of action, the museum has become the indispensable important content in the people's cultural life.

2. Break the shackles of institutions and mechanisms and release the vitality of development

In the current development process, the state also pays close attention to the problems in the development of museums and coordinates the development of museums in the new era. Liu Yuzhu chief said in his speech, the general office of the central committee of the communist party of China and the State Council general office before printing the hair on strengthening the protection of cultural relics by using several opinions of the reform of the focus work of cultural relics of the difficult problems, strengthen the top-level design, system innovation and precise management, clear requirements will intensify reform museum, break the bondage of systems and mechanisms, release the development vigor, encourage innovation practice, developing wisdom museum, state administration of cultural heritage is actively implement the central requirements, jointly with relevant departments to formulate the museum innovation and development of policies and measures to vigorously push forward deepen reform museum, museum of efforts to improve operation quality and the level of public service, We will better meet the people's growing needs for a better life.

3. Comprehensively present the new concept, new look and new technology of museum development

Director Liu Yuzhu, in his speech clearly pointed out that the current "Expo" is not only a systematic review of the development level of museums in China, but also for the future period of time for the development of museums of wisdom, raising the sail to encourage. With the new era and new journey of museums as the main body, the Expo will fully present the new concept, new look and new technology of the development of Museums in China, and promote new policies for museums.

In terms of new concepts, museums should further integrate themselves into the overall economic and social development, and embody their new responsibilities and new actions in the great practice of reform and opening up. With the theme of museum youth in change, the Expo will host the first International Museum Youth Forum. More than 70 youth representatives from 39 countries on five continents will share the cutting-edge concepts and development thoughts of museums with Chinese museum youth.

The 23 special committees of the China Association of Museums will also hold academic seminars to explore issues related to the construction and development of museums. In the new look, the museum will more adhere to the people-oriented collection, research, exhibition, education, communication, cultural creation and other aspects to show a new temperament, new image. In addition to 71 museums with separate exhibition areas, 234 museums organized by 12 provinces will participate in the exhibition in groups. For the first time, the Expo has set up a separate exhibition area for non-state-owned museums, attracting 76 non-state-owned museums from 24 provinces. In terms of new technologies, museums should build a platform for communication and promote new leaps in management and service with modern scientific and technological means.

Compared with previous sessions, the Expo is larger in scale and has a higher level of international participation. More than 60 important foreign guests from 42 countries will attend the expo. 613 museums and enterprises will participate in the expo, covering an area of more than 50,000 square meters.

At the end of her speech, Liu yuzhu said that the Expo will once again exert a positive and far-reaching influence on the development of China's museums and the promotion of social civilization. Meanwhile, at the end of her speech, Director Liu Yuzhu sent her best wishes to the Expo, wishing the museum and related products and technologies fair a complete success.

Meanwhile, Zhou Lianqing, member of the Standing Committee of fujian Provincial Party Committee, and You Mengjun, mayor of Fuzhou, all made speeches at the opening ceremony. We welcome Chinese and foreign experts, scholars, practitioners and people from all walks of life who have come all the way to participate in the Expo. At the same time, this paper introduced the work of fujian's cultural relics protection and inheritance in recent years, and expressed the hope that fujian cultural and museological workers could take the opportunity of "Bo Expo" to exchange and study with the Chinese and foreign countries, so as to better protect fujian's cultural relics in the future.

The opening ceremony of the last, as a facilitator of Ann to shun, vice chairman of the "young wisdom is the wisdom, is the young rich national wealth, young strong a country strong" as a conclusion, holding the eighth "expo" theme banner small volunteers on stage, cut the ribbon together with the guests, small volunteers hand display respectively with "erudite and informed, writing carry doctrine" on, "Benedict learned knowledge, mound" kang "content such as banners, volunteers showed little love of museum and inheritance of traditional culture, at the same time declared the eighth museum and related products and technology expo officially opened.

Young wisdom makes the country wise, rich youth makes the country rich, young strong country strong. Children are the future of China and the inheritors of the splendid culture of China. At the end of the opening ceremony, 12 museum volunteers stepped on the stage to cut the ribbon together with the guests and officially opened the curtain of the Expo.

After the opening ceremony, Chinese and foreign experts and leaders went to visit each booth in the exhibition hall.

It is understood that the eighth "bo exposition" held at the same time the first "international youth BBS" museum, that young museum in "change" keynote and three parallel BBS, from Canada, South Korea, Japan, France, the Netherlands, the United States, Russia, Turkey and other 39 countries museum of the 70 youth representatives to participate in the BBS.

In addition, during the "Expo", a total of 14 universities participated in the event, 10 of which were in the online live broadcast simultaneously. Among them, sun Yat-sen University's official website and public account were launched together with the live broadcast of this "Bo Expo"; Capital normal university, Shanghai university, sichuan university, liaoning normal university, guangzhou academy of fine arts, Peking University, renmin university and jilin university released live broadcast links on their official WeChat official accounts. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, yunnan university in the qq group, WeChat group forwarded the "bo expo" video to students, for the convenience of students to watch; Organize students in Shaanxi Normal University, Jingdezhen Ceramics University and Central South University for Nationalities to watch the live broadcast of the "Bo Expo" in the lecture hall or conference room.

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