On the first Open Day of the 8th Expo, the theme forum "Technology, Society and Museums" focused on the integration of culture and technology

At the invitation of bo expo organizing committee, Shanghai museum of science education and journal in China, Shanghai science and technology museum, museum of natural science association, under the guidance of joint Wonders Information Co., Ltd., Shanghai YunGang with visual art design Co., Ltd., fuzhou science and technology museum, will be held in fuzhou on November 22, "museum of science and technology, society and" theme BBS.

This activity is the first Open Day forum of the expo, attracting more than 200 people from all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country to register and attend the forum. It is the only forum hosted by academic journals in this expo, and it is also the largest forum held by this magazine since its establishment. The forum will invite a number of industry experts and scholars to express their views on the frontier hot spots in their respective research fields. The forum focuses on the integration of culture and science and technology, with themes of both breadth and depth, covering such hot areas as cultural heritage and museum studies, media studies, and science communication and development.

At the Fifth Meeting of the Commission for Deepening Overall Reform of the CPC Central Committee recently, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that sci-tech periodicals directly reflect the national sci-tech competitiveness and cultural soft power, and should aim to build world-class sci-tech periodicals and constantly improve their social influence. Science Education and Museum, as A national A-class academic journal, has been published for nearly four years. It strictly follows the academic norms, and keeps exploring and innovating. It has planned and organized many academic seminar activities, which has been widely recognized by experts, scholars, professional and technical personnel and teachers and students in the industry. Periodicals play an important role in the development of museums. The research results they publish and the exchange activities they organize in the industry all reflect the "soft power" of museums, which strongly promote the mission of inheriting human civilization, promoting social development and leading scientific and technological progress of museums.

With the support of Fujian Provincial Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Shanghai Popular Science Education Development Foundation, and the Marketing and Public Relations Committee of China Museums Association, we believe that this will be a fruitful forum and a good opportunity for the industry to exchange experience. Let us wish this forum a complete success.


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