The 8th "expo" press conference to answer the reporter's question record

On November 16th, the eighth "museum of China and related products and technology expo" organizing committee (hereinafter referred to as the "expo") in the press hall of the people's government of fuzhou city held a press conference, association, vice chairman of the international museum, museum of China association and secretary, vice director of changan introduced to arrange the meeting in the content and characteristics of "fair", and a reporter asked.

President An, please introduce the Chinese Museum Association. Thank you!
Ann to shun: association of Chinese museum is China's largest professional organization, the museum was founded in 1935, now has a membership of more than 11200 people, covers the our country is now almost all of the primary, secondary, tertiary museum, with 37 professional committee, under the branch or according to the different types of the museum, or according to the different business areas of the museum. At the same time, Museums Association of China plays a very important role in the communication between Chinese museums and the international museum community.

Would you please introduce the role of the expo in promoting the development of domestic museums and its influence on the international museum industry?

An Laishun: The nature of the Expo is actually a platform. Today, China's museum industry is developing rapidly. In the past decade, the country has opened an average of 230 new museums every year. In this situation, the demand for related fields is also growing. At the same time, such dual-driven innovation also makes more enterprises pay attention to the cultural industry. Therefore, an open and diversified platform is particularly needed at this time, whose core purpose is to enable relevant enterprises, industries and the public to realize communication and interaction on this platform. Since its inception in 2004, we have taken the Expo as a biennial inclusive platform. Because almost the latest development, the latest theory, the latest practice, the latest technology of the industry, the latest projects and the most concerned issues of the public will be reflected here.

At present, the domestic museum industry is not large, and there are less than 100,000 practitioners in the museum industry nationwide. However, it has its own reasons for such a small industry to make such a large and influential brand and hold it for seven consecutive years, and the scale is growing. There are now three major international expos, China is one of them, and it is the largest in Asia. However, the biggest difference between China's "Expo" and foreign expos lies in that it is a comprehensive exhibition, while foreign expos are more about product promotion, platform effect is less, more like a commercial exhibition.

Could you please tell me why this Expo will be held in Fuzhou? What are the reasons for this? In addition, could you introduce the methods and procedures of applying for the "Expo"?

An Laishun: Although our principle is not to repeat the event in a single province, since it was held in Xiamen in 2012, Fuzhou has unique cultural and social advantages. Meanwhile, Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government attach great importance to the protection of cultural heritage and the inheritance, protection and utilization of traditional Chinese culture. Of course, there are also various aspects of resource advantages. In the end, everyone unanimously chose Fuzhou from the four cities.

In terms of procedures, after the end of each "Expo", there will be an official channel in Museums Association of China to invite bids. The host city applies in the name of the people's government, and the expert team of Museums Association of China (Museums Association of China) will conduct on-site investigation and assessment of the city and answer a series of questions. Finally, the application will be approved by the Standing Council of Museums Association of China (Museums Association of China) and submitted to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage for the record.

An Laishun's speech at the meeting

Dear Mayor Li, friends from the media,

Thank you very much for your attention and support to the upcoming 8th Museum and Related Products and Technology Expo.

Since December 2016, Fuzhou has been selected as the host city of the 8th World Expo among four highly competitive bidding cities, with the support of experts and scholars from the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, museums and cultural heritage fields. From this, we can see the unique cultural charm and economic strength of Fuzhou. After nearly two years of close preparations, all the work is progressing smoothly and the conference will be opened on November 23. Since this week, fuzhou cultural heritage and museum topic has become a hot spot, the "expo" on, there are two very important projects in the preheating, November 14, the international museum training - education training courses held in museum of fujian province museum, on November 18th international museum collections protection training course will be held as scheduled. Now, with the support of Fuzhou Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, the atmosphere of the cultural and exhibition community is getting stronger and stronger.

As is known to all, the Expo was founded in 2004 and has been successfully held for seven times. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has issued more than 60 important instructions and speeches on the protection and utilization of cultural relics, especially on making cultural heritage "alive". He has personally visited more than 20 museums and cultural institutions. Visible cultural heritage work by the party and the country unprecedented high attention. In this context, the Expo will further reflect the foundation of cultural and creative technology products and services, and further reflect its pioneering, international and diverse nature. Here, please pay attention to the four important features of this "Expo" :

The first important feature is the extensive participation, that is, through the extensive participation of related fields, the museum is built into a truly representative platform for industry exchange. The exhibition covers an exhibition area of about 50050 square meters, with a total of 613 exhibitors, including 305 museums and 308 enterprises. A number of important museums such as the Palace Museum and the National Museum of China participated independently. Museums from 12 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government organized a group to participate in the Expo, making it the largest number of exhibitors in all previous "Expo". At the same time, the Expo has set up a special exhibition area for non-state-owned museums, with 76 non-state-owned museums appearing in the exhibition collectively. The 308 enterprises participating in the Expo, including the latest technologies, latest projects and latest equipment in nine specialized fields including the application of cultural relic protection technology in museums, have set up a rare platform for museums, cultural and museum undertakings and related enterprises.

The second feature is that the International Association of Museums and the International Association of Museums co-hosted a unique development of the forum, to promote the exchange of young museum people around the world and the construction of culture. According to the tradition of the expo, there will be a main forum for each expo. This forum is specially designed for young people. It is the first forum for young museum scholars in the world. It is co-sponsored by the International Association of Museums, the Museums Association of China and Fuzhou Municipal People's Government, aiming to further highlight the role of young people in the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage. In the digital age, in the sustainable development of the community, what role do the young people in the museum play in the inheritance of the traditional culture of various nationalities? How do they participate in the shaping of new cultural images? How can museums play a role in social harmony and sustainable development of communities? This is a problem that young people have to face.

This forum is divided into the main forum and three parallel sub-forums. In the afternoon of November 23 and the morning of November 24, more than 70 young museum professionals from 39 countries, as well as young people from 27 provinces, autonomous regions and Taiwan will participate in the conference. In addition, more than 50 curators from world-famous museums will attend the conference, listening to what young people are thinking and doing, and realizing cross-border and inter-generational cultural exchange, interaction and mutual learning. This is also the first time that Museums International has focused on young people.

The third feature is to promote the development of museum-related professions through in-depth research in different areas of museum specialization. During this period, 23 members of Museums Association of China (Museums Association of China) will hold academic seminars on different topics. Also two important promotion activities, the first is the ninth national best museum volunteer's promotional activities, the other is the national museum of excellent education case promotional activities, focus on focus on how to make the social public to participate in the cultural heritage protection and utilization of them in "let live up to" cultural relics play what role. There are also cross-disciplinary forums, such as one on the development of cultural relics protection equipment and one focusing on ethnic minority areas and cultures. More than 100 forums were held in total.

The fourth feature is to organize and arrange rich activities involving the public to create a cultural feast for local residents in Fuzhou. "The Expo" is not only a matter of the museum community itself, we hope it can become an important cultural activity project and an important public cultural space for citizens. For example, in this activity, the CCTV "National Treasure" chief team will come to the scene, and share with you the creative production process of national treasure, and share with you the broad and profound Chinese culture behind national treasure. There is also "I repair cultural relics in the Forbidden City", which represents the spirit of Chinese craftsmen and cultural relics restoration, from the backstage to here, to bring you a public lecture. In addition, some museums, such as the Palace Museum, Nanjing Museum, National Museum of China and so on, will open exhibition areas where a large number of visitors can participate and interact with each other. At the same time, in order to highlight the culture of Fuzhou, Fujian Museum held an exhibition of hundreds of overseas Chinese and hundreds of objects, which will be displayed during the Expo. In addition, Fuzhou, as the hub of the Maritime Silk Road, will co-host the conference of the International Silk Road Museums Association with the International Silk Road Museums Association.

Since the Expo has gone through 14 years, the era is developing and the cause is progressing, so we have every reason to expect that it will contribute to the booming museum industry and keep pace with the needs of our times and the development trend of the industry. Thank you very much.

The 8th "China Museum and Related Products and Technology Expo" will be held in Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 23 to 26, 2018. At that time, you are welcome to participate in the industry, cultural lovers and cultural organizations to join us!

2018-11-27 14:06

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