2018 Annual Meeting of Exhibition and Communication Professional Committee of China Museums Association was successfully held in Fuzhou

During the 8th Expo, the 2018 Annual Meeting of Exhibition and Communication Professional Committee of China Association of Museums (hereinafter referred to as "the Committee") was held in Fuzhou Strait International Convention Center on November 22. Relevant leaders from the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Fujian Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage, China Cultural Relics Exchange Center, 128 member units from 31 provinces and autonomous regions and representatives of related industries attended the conference.

                                                                      The meeting

Luo Jing, director of the Department of Museums and Social Relics (Department of Science and Technology) of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, addressed the meeting. He fully affirmed the branch of the important role of the, made clear that the huge potential of exhibition communication in our country, closely around the hope that branch of the bo expo "museum: a new era, new journey" theme, actively explore the museum exhibition pavilion line system construction development, strive to promote the further development of new era and interlibrary exhibition communication, play a more important role.

                                                                      The meeting

Branch of director of the committee members Zhao Gushan made 2018 exhibition at the meeting the annual work report, the exchange branch branch from 2017 to 2018 are reviewed, and the focus of the work unit members, summed up the 2017 national of exit and entry cultural relics exhibition, the paper introduces the construction and museum museum line system, product marketing platform build content as well as the next priority, unveiled a new session of the standing committee of the list and the new member list.

Six representatives from Hunan Provincial Museum, Gansu Provincial Museum, Shanghai Museum, Jilin Museum, Shaanxi Cultural Relics Exchange Center and China (Hainan) South China Sea Museum delivered speeches successively, and discussed the theme of "Museum Line Exhibition System Construction and Cultural and Creative Product Marketing". The representatives agreed that the construction of the museum line meets the new needs of China's museum development in the new era, and hoped to jointly and steadily promote the construction and development of the museum line in the future. The meeting also reviewed and summarized the splendid history of China's entry and exit cultural relics exhibition in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, hoping that China's entry and exit cultural relics exhibition can take greater steps in the new era, so that the Chinese civilization and the civilizations of other countries in the world can add radiance to each other.

                                                                     The meeting

As a branch of Museums Association of China (Museums Association of China), the Exhibition and Exchange Committee of Museums Association of China has been playing an increasingly important role in building an exhibition and exchange platform that is international, national, grassroots and social since its establishment in 2010.


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