2018 Annual Meeting and Academic Seminar of Costume Museum Committee of China Museum Association was held


The 8th China Museum and Related Products and Technology Expo was held in Fuzhou, Fujian Province on November 23, 2018. During this period, the Costume Museum Committee of China Association of Museums held an annual meeting and academic seminar in Fuzhou. More than 60 members from the Costume Museum Committee and representatives from cultural and cultural organizations attended the meeting. Jin Ruiguo, Deputy Director of the Department of Museum and Social Relics of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage attended and participated in the discussion. China Women and Children's Museum, as the affiliated unit of the Special Committee of the Museum of Fashion, has provided various supports for the annual meeting and academic seminar of the Special Committee of the Museum of Fashion.

Costume museum professional committee venue

The meeting was chaired by Yang Yuan, director of the Costume Museum Committee of China Association for Exhibition, who made a summary speech on the work of the Costume Museum Committee in the past two years. Yan Yong, Director of the Palace Department of the Palace Museum and Deputy Director of the Costume Museum Committee of the China Museums Association, and Qi Chunying, Director of the Institute of Ethnic Costume of the Central University for Nationalities and Deputy Secretary General of the Costume Museum Committee of the China Museums Association, served as the academic hosts and summarized and commented on the speech of the seminar representatives. Xue Yan, researcher of China Silk Museum and deputy director of the Costume Museum Committee of China Museum Association, made a summary of the meeting.

Researcher Yang Yuan made a summary of the work

Qi Chunying is the academic director

Prof. Yan Yong served as the academic director

Researcher Xue Yan made a summary of the meeting

Clothing museum museum association professional committee of China's present situation and development trend of new era "apparel museum" theme of the conference, inviting experts and scholars from different Angle of views of the subject matter, communicate and discuss, promote professional cooperation, promoting academic development, provide a reference for the development of costume museum.

Deputy Director General Jin Ruiguo attended the seminar

Deputy Director General Jin Ruiguo attended the seminar, during which he expounded the historical and cultural value of Chinese traditional costumes and affirmed the significance of the development of the Professional Committee of the Museum of Costume. Clothing museum professional committee to study the Chinese clothing silk embroideries, protection, innovation as its mission, to dig the profundity of Chinese costume culture resources and rich form as the goal, to explore how to make use of costume culture resources to promote the development of museum cultural products, for the protection, research and development of our country clothing silk embroideries made positive contributions. Director General Jin hoped that the Special Committee of the Museum of Fashion would continue to give full play to its academic advantages, adapt to the situation, focus on the overall situation, strive to consolidate the work foundation and give full play to the professional leading role of the Special Committee of Fashion Museum.

Dozen experts and scholars around the meeting "the present situation and development trend of new era apparel museum" theme spoke, with guangxi folk culture and art research institute han-chang liang "in the" cultural chain "of zhuang traditional textile technology - GuYue culture art village practice, for example, guangxi ethnic miao miao fan museum" zhuang clothing embroidery and its functions in interpretation and Huang Xiaowen museum education activity instance analysis, the museum of Chinese women and children Lv Meng the inheritance and the fresh air, yunnan chuxiong yi dress not genetic bearing WenHaoDong yi's traditional costume appreciation of the People's Republic of China, Red pavilion, the Chinese dress brand founder Deng Liyuan shallow of the color of the burden of Chinese costume culture and the bearing, jiangsu engineering professional technology institute zhang lei "from his beard needle method using the case analysis of qi needle is mostly used in the real objects of suzhou embroidery, yunnan chuxiong yi nationality autonomous prefecture museum Su Hui yunnan chuxiong yi costume tests, sichuan museum Peng Daiqun" of the museum's collection resource utilization ", the central university for nationalities QiChunYing costume culture inheritance and development of ethnic minorities in China, and clothing expert Yang Yuan the inheritance and - talk about the protection of ethnic brocade of tujia brocade, for example, such as, experts and scholars from their respective professional perspective, This paper expounds the exploration and innovation of the traditional weaving and embroidery culture, the excavation and protection of the traditional costumes of the minorities, the new discovery of the display of the costumes artworks in the museum and the new development and new opportunities of the costume museums in the new era. The speech of the experts and scholars has a lot of inspiration for the participants to further understand the far-reaching significance of the conference theme.

Prof. Yang Yuan made a speech

Professor Qi Chunying delivered a speech

Professor Zhang Lei gave the speech

Prof. Su Hui made a speech

Mr. Wen Haodong gave a speech

Participants from more than a dozen provinces, including provincial, prefectural and municipal museums, professional scholars in universities, young fashion designers, collectors, as well as scholars from overseas universities also actively participated in the meeting and spoke enthusiastically. The holding of the conference promoted the cooperation among the national costume museums and set up a good platform for the delegates to study and cooperate. Focusing on the theme and based on rich and detailed content, this conference is an efficient, pragmatic and fruitful one. Everybody said, as wenbo workers, to further implement the jinping new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the party's 19 big spirit, from the firm of Chinese civilization, the transmission of cultural self-confidence, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation the Chinese dream of a strategic height, to improve Chinese clothing treasure of digging, protection and utilization of resources, the implementation of the reform of strengthening the protection of cultural relics of several opinions of the relevant spirit of working hard to blaze a trail in accordance with the situation of our country clothing development way.


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