ICOM held a symposium in Fuzhou


On November 24, 2018, the IICOM Symposium was held in Fuzhou. Guan Qiang, Deputy Director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, An Laishun, Vice President of IICOM, Chairman and Secretary General of China IICOM, Suai Aksoi, President of IICOM, and more than 20 IICOM representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Guan Qiang, deputy director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.



At the meeting, the participants expressed their gratitude for being invited to participate in the expo, appreciated the host's manner and considerate service, and said it was a rare opportunity to communicate with peers and experts. Deputy Director General Guan Qiang and Vice Chairman and Secretary General An Laishun exchanged views with the delegates and listened to their opinions and suggestions.



After the exchange, an laishun, vice chairman and secretary general, signed a memorandum of understanding with Pakistan on behalf of China ambcc. The two sides hope that this MOU will strengthen cooperation between CBMC and Pakistan in the field of museums and related cultural heritage, in particular to promote the exchange of best practices and best practices under the framework of the "One Belt And One Road" initiative, and deepen the comprehensive friendship and cooperation between the two countries.




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