The 1st Museum Youth Forum (Main Forum)


On November 23, 24th, the 1st Museum Youth Forum, the main forum of the 8th Expo, was held in Fuzhou Strait International Conference Center. Director of state administration of cultural heritage Liu Yuzhu, Sue, gram, chairman of the international museum association guy the keynote speech, deputy director of state administration of cultural heritage GuanQiang, association, vice chairman of the international museum to shun, fuzhou of fujian provincial committee, municipal government, the national museum of China, the Chinese people's revolutionary military museum, museum of international association, China association of museum, international association union in the asia-pacific region, the best in the world heritage organization concerned leaders and guests, as well as from China, Canada, South Korea, Japan, France, the Netherlands, the United States, Russia, Turkey and so on 70 young museum of 39 countries attended the BBS. The forum focused on three topics: the future of museum youth and traditional culture, the new image of museum in the digital age, young museum workers and the sustainable development of regional culture.

Liu Yuzhu discussed the relationship between young people and Chinese museums in the new era from three aspects: the role of museums in the growth and progress of young people, the role of young people in the construction of museums, and the new responsibility and new actions of young people in museums in the new era. He pointed out that museums are an important position for young people to cultivate morality, an important source of acquiring knowledge, an important platform for social communication, an important window to perceive the world and an important channel for self-appreciation. How to tell the stories behind the cultural relics through the eyes of contemporaries and the language of contemporary people is the direction of the museum. At the same time, young people have also played an important role in theoretical research, exhibition planning, collection conservation and restoration, museum education and volunteer services. New era of Chinese museum, system layout optimization, improve working quality, cultural traditions, but at the national level, social level and the public level still need to constantly adjust their own perfect positioning, strive to achieve high quality development, such as further optimize collection system, laying solid foundation protection, strengthen the function, enhance the level of display and perfect the education services, expand transmission function. As the inheritor of civilization, the driving force of the era change and the fresh force of cultural innovation, he has high hopes for the museum youth in cultural inheritance and the historic transformation of museums in the new era.

Ms su, gram guy in his speech to thank the Chinese association of China and state administration of cultural heritage museum for long-term support of the international association for the museum, in recent years the international Po reviewed association to carry out a series of activities, interpretation of the museum is in today's society to understand history, facing an important window for the future, the future development trend of the museum is to protect the cultural and biological diversity, to promote the sustainable development of environment, culture and economy. She also extended an invitation to the delegates to attend the 2019 ICOM Congress in Kyoto, Japan.

On the BBS, from China, India, Spain, Brazil, Chile, the Netherlands, azerbaijan, museum staff from countries such as Nigeria, Albania is plays the role of youth in today's museum, youth in the traditional cultural heritage, exploration and practice, with the development of the community culture museum in the future development trend and value orientation of the thinking and case sharing.


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