In the era of new media, the opportunities and challenges of cultural communication in museums are discussed

On the morning of November 25, 2018, the hyperlink -- wenbo new media forum 2018, co-sponsored by the China cultural heritage information and consulting center and sina weibo, was held during the eighth China museum and related products and technologies expo. And social cultural relics department deputy director of the state administration of cultural heritage museum jinrui, party secretary of China cultural heritage information consultation center Wu Dongfeng, e-government weibo zheng-rong li, general manager of operations, the communication university of China cultural development of the institute, culture and tourism culture industry Fan Zhou, director of the committee of experts, as well as CCTV lecture room speaker, scholars, writers, screenwriters Wei Xin, head of the new media operations, and other guests and the museum wenbo spread excellent representative to participate in the BBS, such as common witness wenbo new media innovation, explore new media development wenbo.

Museum communication

Tell Chinese stories and cultural connotations well

Jin Ruiguo, deputy director of the Department of Museums under the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, said museums are institutions that serve society and social development, and carry out collection, protection and display of cultural relics for the purpose of public research, education and appreciation. In order to achieve this goal, museums need to treat audiences as participants and promoters of social civilization and progress, and provide them with multiple channels of communication and educational activities, so as to tell Chinese stories and cultural connotations well, and serve the needs of economic and social development and modern better life.

Jin Ruiguo, deputy director of the Department of Museum and Social Cultural Relics of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage

As for the communication work of museums, Jin pointed out that museums and the media themselves have something in common. With the advent of the new media era, museums have become a form of media. Nowadays, the purpose of communication is to promote the harmony between people and between people and society through meaningful information sharing and communication, thus promoting the progress of the society. This also enables the natural connection and communication between museums and media.

In this regard, Jin Ruiguo introduced the National Cultural Heritage Administration is vigorously developing the wisdom museum. The wisdom museum presents the museum to the public in a new form, and it also provides a channel for the connection between the museum and the media. The fundamental purpose of the smart museum is to realize and optimize the functions of the museum, which also needs to have the following five characteristics:

1. Comprehensive and thorough perception, perceiving people, perceiving objects and perceiving information;

2. The ubiquitous interconnection of broadband makes the audience who could not reach the museum become the new communication objects of the museum;

3. Massive and interconnected data. Today's museums still have a lot of information in their different business systems, and there is still a communication gap between museums and the public.

4. Precise and accurate calculation. The development of new media has been able to record the reading behavior of the audience and accurately calculate it out, so as to push the information that the audience is interested in;

5. The application of intelligent integration enables museums to develop their wisdom, and cultural relics to be inherited accurately, so as to achieve "clear-sighted" and "strong and healthy" wisdom management, so as to achieve "masterful" and "responsive" wisdom protection and "comprehensive" and "considerate" wisdom service.

As for the requirements of cultural communication, Jin Ruiguo believes that communication must pay attention to the effect, and it must enter the eye, mind, heart and practice like the spring wind, so as to transform into cultural confidence and cultural identity. However, the communication in the digital era has new characteristics, which is also the issue that today's museums must study and pay attention to and think about.

People and the media to discuss at the museum museum culture communication in the future on the BBS of jinrui are presented in the countries, to intelligently perception audience demand, sharing resources and creativity, integration of knowledge and information, the formation of valuable knowledge dissemination, big data and cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the museum of modern technologies such as business and the spread of the depth of fusion, let technology service for museum culture dissemination, the museum education and service of wisdom.

New Media era

Opportunities and challenges of cultural and cultural communication development

In the forum of wenbo new media, people from museums and media also exchange and collide various viewpoints, so as to promote the communication and development of wenbo industry.

Establish weibo and Weibo matrix and build communication platform

Wu Dongfeng party secretary of China cultural heritage information consultation center on the BBS, said to a @ China wenbo's wenbo weibo matrix, for wenbo institutions set up a platform for the exchange and cooperation, set up information sharing and linkage mechanism, give full play to the spread of new media advantage, to widen the information dissemination and influence.

                 Wu Dongfeng, Party secretary of the China Cultural Heritage Information And Consulting Center

Let the microblog link the public and the future

For the question "How to better play the role of weibo as a link?" Li Zhengrong, general manager of government microblog operation, said that, on the one hand, we should continue to strengthen the cultural ecological construction of microblog platform and expand social services for pan-cultural interest groups. On the other hand, the innovative application ability of Wenbo and Weibo is being enhanced simultaneously with the cross-border joint effect of other industries, such as "Wenbo + science and technology", "Wenbo + variety show", "Wenbo + cultural creation"...

                                      Li Zhengrong, general manager of government microblog operation

Take the initiative to adapt to new media and build a new space for online literature and blogs

Communication university of China cultural development of the institute, culture and tourism culture industry Fan Zhou, director of the committee of experts in the new media development report 2018 wenbo, mobile Internet era, wenbo actively adapt to the new media industry characteristics and law of its own resources, capabilities, and quality brand in the Internet use up under the logic and the mechanism of consolidation, "embedded" on the architecture of the Internet, absorbing the new media represented by weibo "weak link" the unlimited resources and a variety of possible, through the "wenbo +" resource integration, cross-border fusion, the space-time aggregation, active online wenbo layout, build and shape the new space, Explore the unlimited potential and possibilities of future development.

Fan Zhou, dean of Cultural Development Research Institute of Communication University of China and director of cultural Industry Expert Committee of Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Museums promote new ways to promote exhibitions widely

Zhang Heng, director of the publicity and Marketing Department of Sichuan Museum, shared the micro blog promotion method of "From Hua-Zhang of ancient Shu to Shu-Bao jinjing", which helped to spread the exhibition more widely. From the traditional publicity video, adorable pet endorsement, cultural and creative design, to the series of fans interaction, topic operation, cultural relic evaluation and H5 production on Weibo, various ways of playing promote the brand of the event, enhance the entertainment of the exhibition, and drive all netizens to pay attention to "Shu Bao". Now, the "Ancient Shu Hua Zhang" exhibition will close at the Guangdong Provincial Museum and go to Italy for exhibition.

                           Zhang Heng, director of publicity and Marketing Department of Sichuan Museum

Not only the introduction of cultural relics, but also the transmission of civilization

Wei Xin, a scholar, writer and screenwriter who is the keynote speaker of CCTV lecture Room, said in his share of Museum and Vegetable Market that the fastest and best way to learn about a city is to visit its museum and vegetable market, which also makes museums a must place for people to clock in when they travel. With the public's interest in museums, the progress of museums in software and hardware is obvious, but there are still some problems, such as the lack of adequate humanized services in museums, which need to further standardize the overall management of exhibitions. In this regard, Wei Xin pointed out that the focus of museums should return to "people", such as the cultivation of docent, so that docent can become "treasures of the museum" and "great Vs", and spread the stories behind cultural relics to the public. Finally, he said, the Internet is undoubtedly an important tool for museum propaganda, which carries not only the introduction of cultural relics, but also the transmission of civilized behavior.

                                                              CCTV lecture Room speaker Wei Xin

Online and offline dissemination, drive the museum visit boom

Li Yingsheng, publicity director of CCTV National Treasure, shared the big data of the first season of National Treasure. He said that, first of all, the spread of "National Treasure" on Weibo cannot be separated from the matrix construction of CCTV new media. Secondly, communication created a series of derived words and hot topics, which spread rapidly among young people and enhanced the popularity of the program. With the help of the online and offline communication of the program, national Treasure and museum visit are complementary, bringing a large number of new audiences to the museum.

                                           Li Yingsheng, publicity director of CCTV National Treasure

Break through the microcirculation of cultural transmission and realize the link between tradition and modernity

Government affairs micro bo xu lh operations director, said through the microblogging platform links museum square, cultural big V, wenbo lovers and wen gen institutions make the traditional culture "alive", make the traditional culture is no longer just the implements of the dry and text, motivate them together in the present life, and speak good Chinese story, will spread Chinese culture to the world, realize the bloodline of traditional culture and modernity of links.

                                        Xu Lihua, chief operating officer of government microblog

Wenbo New Media forum

Wenbo New Media Forum was founded in 2017, and the "Wenbo New Media Matrix" has been joined by nearly a hundred museums. The theme of the 2018 Wenbo New Media Forum, "Hyperlink", aims to build a platform for sharing and communication among various wenbo organizations, jointly face the opportunities and challenges in the development of wenbo communication in the field of new media, and discuss how wenbo organizations can achieve cross-border cooperation, seamless link and integrated development with other industries through new media platforms. During the forum, combined with the network new media data, through comprehensive evaluation and online voting, the forum produced three lists of "the top 10 Influential official Weibo accounts of 2018", "The Top 10 Innovative Official Weibo accounts of 2018" and "the Most Influential Spokesperson of cultural Relics of 2018", and issued commemorative certificates.


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