IP is popular all over the world, the three countries of endless, Chengdu Wuhouci Museum featured cultural and museological achievements appeared in the eighth Expo

Guided by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and hosted by China Association of Museums and China Association of Museums of Natural Science, the 8th China Museum and Related Products and Technologies Expo (BO Expo for short) was held in Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center from 23 to 26 November 2018. Chengdu Wuhouci Museum, Chengdu Jinsha Ruins Museum, Chengdu Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum, Chengdu Yongling Museum and Chengdu Cultural Relic Information Center are also present at booth M257-15 in Hall 10 of the Convention and Exhibition Center.


Among the hundreds of participating museums, the Wuhouci Museum in Chengdu is a special presence. As a museum of historical relics, Wuhou Temple in Chengdu is a famous scenic spot with the reputation of "holy land of The Three Kingdoms" in the eyes of the general public. Statistics show that the Wuhouci Museum in Chengdu has been the most visited museum in Sichuan. The Jinli Ancient Street built by Wuhou Temple Museum in Chengdu is more popular. On the other hand, as one of the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units and the first batch of national first-class museums, in recent years, the museum staff of Wuhou Temple in Chengdu have been constantly exploring scientific research topics, original exhibitions and holding cultural activities, so that the audience can get more cultural immersion. In this expo, Chengdu Wuhou Temple Museum, with the theme of "popular IP, endless Three Kingdoms", showcases the museum's academic, technological, cultural and educational achievements in the past two years through several sections of "Ancestral hall reflecting painting", "Academic Three Kingdoms", "Literary creation of Various Kingdoms" and "Academy of The Three Kingdoms".

"Wuhou Temple Digital Culture Tour", a movie-level digital museum, has been launched


At the 2016 Expo, the AR "Sound weapon Postcard of The Three Kingdoms", AR "Group photo of The Three Kingdoms" and VR "Red Cliff War" and other science and technology experience projects launched by Wuhouci Museum in Chengdu were very popular. At the Fuzhou Expo, Chengdu Wuhouci Museum launched a new cultural relic display experience technology, "Chengdu Wuhouci Digital Culture Tour".

Through the use of the most advanced automated space modeling and object modeling technology in China, the 3d digital modeling of the ancient buildings and key cultural relics of Wuhouci Museum in Chengdu was carried out. This is also the first virtual real scene restoration project in China that integrates the external structure point cloud display, internal real scene tour and cultural relic model 360-degree display. By simply sliding your fingertips in front of the touch screen, you can rotate to 720 degrees to enjoy the fine cultural relics of Wuhou Temple with a reduction degree of micron, opening a digital cultural experience journey of the immersive museum.


This experience project is a beneficial attempt by Chengdu Wuhouci Museum to enhance the protection of cultural relics and improve the visiting effect of visitors by using artificial intelligence technology.

Behind the presentation of the experience project is the myth of efficiency brought by high technology, turning the impossible into the possible.

The first is the myth of time. The internal carved beams and painted blocks of the traditional building of Wuhouci temple in Chengdu are complex in detail, and the number of point cloud surface of a carved door reaches hundreds of millions of levels. However, it only took three days for the ARTIFICIAL intelligence 3D digital technology to collect the data information of 150,000 square meters in the cultural relic area of Wuhouci Museum in Chengdu.


The second is the accurate modeling of cultural relics. Many precious cultural relics of Wuhou Temple in Chengdu are placed in glass exhibition cabinets, and the glass has certain reflective function, which brings some difficulty to the collection of cultural relics data. In order to ensure the safety of cultural relics and obtain accurate model effect, a three-dimensional digital model was established for cultural relics collected this time. The degree of reduction reached micron level, and the efficiency was 200 times that of traditional digital reduction methods.

In addition, through the data collection of scenes and cultural relics, the internal and external scenes and structures of Wuhou Temple in Chengdu were accurately constructed by using the THREE-DIMENSIONAL reconstruction algorithm, and the virtual panoramic roaming space, the overlooking plan of the cultural relics area and the point cloud structure map were presented, bringing the movie-level digital cultural journey to the audience.

Social education activities bright eye "Zhuge literary creation" hot sales

The core of cultural and creative industry is culture. As one of the core resources of Tianfu culture, the culture of The Three Kingdoms is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and a super IP popular all over the world, which provides more possibilities for the development of cultural and creative industry. In this Expo, Wuhou Temple Museum in Chengdu not only launched a series of classic ancient style cultural creations, but also launched a series of stationery cultural creations specifically for this Expo.

Three college, is a series of socialisation activities referred to wuhou temple in chengdu museum, in recent years, "the three academy" not only introduced a "night & academic higher-ups gathered in the brand culture, such as lectures, more developed for minors" lexrev three kingdoms ", "three kingdoms" of the "history of three kingdoms", "Kong Minglai" eight socialisation projects, more than 40 kinds of original course. In 2018, the registration system for the social education activities of The Three Kingdoms Academy was launched on the official weibo account, and all the courses were "killed in a second" once they were launched, which was very popular among children and parents.

On November 24th, sponsored by The China Museum Association and undertaken by the Social Education Committee of the China Museum Association, the "2015~2017 Excellent Teaching Design Promotion and Exhibition of The Youth Education curriculum of The China Museum" and the award presentation were held in Fuzhou Strait International Convention Center. The "Three Kingdoms Shadow puppetry Parent-child Class" course participated by Wuhouci Museum in Chengdu won the national "Excellent" teaching case.


To chengdu wuhou temple of socialisation activities of the brand, and among the minors to achieve better communication effect, in view of the "three kingdoms academy" wuhou temple in chengdu museum, special designed "penned small various ge" cartoon image, at the same time on the Po exposition, pooling wuhou temple in chengdu three season theme image "aficionado small various ge" and the theme of "ZhuGeWen bazaar" image "wisdom small various ge" as the major elements of the design, the three academy series wen gen stationery products, including canvas bag, pen bag, notebooks, ball pens, and other products.



The cute image made these stationery items very popular as soon as they appeared at the Expo. Many netizens also called for taobao flagship store to be opened online.


The "Zhuge cultural creation" product launched by Chengdu Wuhouci Museum at the Expo is an attempt by the museum to use the original IP of the three countries to create the cultural creation of the museum. After that, the product will be refined and refined to better interpret the unique historical and cultural charm of Chengdu Wuhouci Museum.



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