The social and educational work of Hebei Museum has won many awards in the "Expo"

Recently, the eighth "China Museum and related products and Technology Expo" (" Bo Expo "for short) was held in Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center. During the meeting, hebei Museum Social Education Department was awarded a number of prizes in the selection conducted by the Social Education Professional Committee of China Museum Association and volunteer Professional Committee.

On November 24th, the award ceremony of excellent teaching design was held in the Social Education Professional Committee of China Museum Association. Hebei Museum's "Hebei Anti-Japanese War Story in Classic Films" education project won the national "top ten" teaching design; The "Animal World in Museums" education project won the national "Excellent Teaching Design".

The promotion and Exhibition activity of Excellent Teaching Design of Youth Education Courses in China Museums during 2015-2017 is a cultural promotion and exhibition activity carried out by the Special Committee of Social Education of China Museum Association under the guidance of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. Through provincial promotion, national promotion and expert evaluation, 28 "best teaching designs" and 70 "excellent teaching designs" of ancient history and culture, revolutionary history and culture, advanced socialist culture, art and natural science and technology were finally selected.

"Hebei Anti-Japanese War Stories in Classic Films" is a patriotic education project launched by Hebei Museum in combination with the permanent exhibition "Anti-Japanese War Heroes Hebei". The project combined with hebei during the Anti-Japanese War soldiers and civilians of arduous struggle, creatively to appreciate films combined with a study of cultural relics, historical experience, let the children in the exhibition hall "feel the history", in the scene in the movie "immersive" in art, in the interaction of teaching "empathy", "deep immersion in situation shows, received a good education effect.

The "Animal World in museums" education program is a parent-child education program for preschool children aged 4 to 6 years. The project integrates the concept of multi-intelligence, selects the collection of animal modeling cultural relics of Hebei Museum, and takes the animal images that children like and are familiar with as the entry point, leading children to approach cultural relics by animals and history by nature, which are deeply loved by children.


On the same day, the results of the 9th "Hand-in-hand History -- Top 10 Volunteer Stars of Chinese Museums", sponsored by China Museum Association, undertaken by Volunteer Work Committee of China Museum Association and Ningbo Boyo Museum Culture Development Foundation, were announced ceremoniously. Wang Jingya, a volunteer of Hebei Museum, won the title of the ninth "Holding Hands history -- China Museum's Top ten Volunteer Star" after being selected by several layers.


Volunteer Wang Jingya was awarded the "Holding Hands History -- China Museum's Top ten Volunteer Star".

Wang Jingya, a registered volunteer of Hebei Museum, joined the volunteer team of Hebei Museum in 2014, mainly engaged in volunteer explanation, volunteer team management, collaborative social education activities and other volunteer services. In the past five years, Wang Jingya has accumulated more than 1,000 hours of volunteer service. She is the first volunteer of Hebei Museum to realize communication service and has won the title of Excellent Volunteer of Hebei Museum for many times.

Many awards and honors represent the recognition and affirmation of hebei Museum's unremitting efforts in recent years by China Museum Association and the museum industry as a whole. In the future, Hebei Museum will continue to work hard with diligence, pragmatism, innovation, to spread the history of Yanzhao, promote traditional culture, to promote the vigorous development of museums, to achieve cultural power.


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